for wall liner

Adhesive for non-woven lining paper / wall liner

Non-woven lining paper / wall liner requires an adhesive to attach it to a wall or ceiling. It can then be subjected to further processing, such as painting, wallpapering or other decorating options. When hanging non-woven lining paper, it’s very important to choose a high-quality and reliable adhesive, to ensure a strong and durable bond between the surfaces.

How to prepare the adhesive

In our online store Profhome you'll find two types of adhesive for wall liner / non-woven lining paper:

  • Ready-made adhesive for wall liner. We offer a high-quality product that's ready for use without preparation. It's sold in 16 kg buckets, one of which is enough for 60-100 sq m of lining paper, depending on the absorbent properties of the surface.
  • STATUS paste for wall liner. This type of glue comes in powder form and needs to be prepared before use, to create a paste with the correct consistency. It also contains a component that prevents fungus or mould underneath the wallpaper.

The paste is poured into cold water (amount as stated in the instructions on the package), vigorously mixed, allowed to stand for three minutes, intensely mixed again, and then it's ready to be used. One package (250 g) Is enough for about 35-40 sq m of wall liner. Please note that this will vary depending on the weight of the non-woven lining paper to be hung: lighter paper requires less adhesive, and heavier ones, more.

How to apply the adhesive

As the wall liner is a non-absorbent material, the adhesive is applied to the wall, and the liner itself is hung in a dry, untreated form.

To ensure a reliable bond, the surface needs to be treated beforehand. It should have a good load-bearing capacity, be smooth, clean and dry. Porous, highly-absorbent surfaces should also be pre-treated with a primer, which you can buy in our online store.

The adhesive is evenly applied to the prepared wall (or ceiling), after which the length of wallpaper is gently unfolded and stuck from the top of the wall to the bottom. It should then be carefully smoothed by a rubber roller from the middle to the edges. After the adhesive has dried, the wall is ready for further decoration.

Buying adhesive / paste for wall liner with delivery

In order to make it easier for you to make your choice, prices and detailed descriptions of the goods are provided in our online shop.

Once you've made your choice, you can easily buy an adhesive for non-woven wall lining, as our order process is fast and simple. If you have any questions, please contact us. Our customer support team will help you to make a purchase and, if necessary, organise fast delivery to any country in the world. Enjoy your shopping!