Tile look

Tile wallpaper

Tile wallpaper, thanks to its unique design and high resistance to mechanical damage and moisture, has won and confidently hold the leading position among various finishing options for kitchen and bathroom.

The catalog of tile wallpaper, presented below, will help you choose the wallpaper which best fits your room interior.

“Tile wallpaper” may have several meanings:

1. Tile effect wallpaper.
2. Wallpaper look harmoniously with ceramic tiles.
The meaning is explained below.

Tile wallpaper. (Tile pattern wallpaper)

Among wallpaper, imitating any coverage, tile wallpaper has become the most popular. And not in vain, because properly selected tiles will help create a truly unique and original design in the room. The most popular tile wallpaper for bathroom and kitchen.

Moreover, tile wallpaper in comparison with ceramic tiles has a wide range of advantages:

  • Lower cost.
  • Easy and cheap mounting.
  • Less costly and easier replacement of damaged areas

Tile wallpaper in the kitchen and bathroom are often made of non-woven or vinyl coated paper, as this material is durable, ultraviolet and moisture resistant.

The right combination of tile wallpaper in the interior

Also, a fairly common version of kitchen and bathroom design is a combination of tiles and wallpaper. Since ceramic tiles are still absolutely waterproof, compared to most types of wallpaper, it is glued to places contact water: near taps, sinks, etc.

Tiles and wallpaper should be selected according to style and should successfully harmonize with each other. For example, the bright wallpaper, catchy colors with a lot of different patterns is better than tinted pastel, mild tones. Conversely, a colorful, ornate ceramic tile will look good on the background of wallpaper of a one, calm color.

The most frequently asked question is "Can I glue the tiles on the wallpaper?". The answer is "No". If you glue the tiles on the wallpaper, the tile glue will soften the wallpaper and, under the weight, it will unstick from the walls. That’s why it’s very short-lived and unreliable. Experts recommend gluing wallpaper, bypassing the areas under the tile, and then, a little overlap, mount the ceramic tile. Thus, the joint of the wallpaper and tile will be quite hermetic and aesthetic. The only possible version of wallpaper finishing, serving as the basis for tiling the room is the reinforcement of walls with the help of paintable nonwoven.

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