Leather wall panels

Leather is one of the fancied furnishing material and is central to many interior styles. Because of the high price, WallFace leather wall panels are not available to everyone, while many deliberately give preference to artificial skin from environmental considerations.

If you are looking for a universal finishing material, you should definitely pay attention to our decorative leather panels.

What is the secret of their success?

High-grade imitation. Even if you do not have anything against genuine leather and have sufficient financial resources, after acquaintance with our products, you are more likely to make a choice in favor of our WallFace leather wall panels. They are so realistic in appearance and touch that it is not easy to distinguish them from natural leather covers.

Exclusive design. Wall panels made of artificial leather have many varieties: wall panels made of smooth synthetic leather, panels of embossed polyurethane leather and decorative panels with leather imitation of exotic animals. They will be able to decorate the interiors in a wide variety of styles. So, decorative panels with imitation of quilted leather are perfect for decorating reception rooms, offices, libraries and offices. In our assortment you will find a less strict version of panels such as; panels made of quilted leather with rhinestones. Leather wall panels with a floral or abstract pattern will be a highlight of the design of both residential and commercial premises: exhibitions, entertainment and service establishments.

Durability and ease of operation. WallFace decorative leather wall panels are made of high-quality materials that retain aesthetic and operational characteristics for a long time.

Quick and easy installation of leather wall panels under is due to the presence of self-adhesive base coatings. Panels made of synthetic leather can easily be cleaned of dirt with a damp sponge.

Eco-friendliness: The materials from which the leather wall panels are made are absolutely harmless to health and do not contain PVC.

Light weight and flexibility. The leather wall panels are flexible and light, they can be folded into a roll for transportation.

Leather wall panels for interior decoration are used not only for decoration of walls, but also for finishing furniture, stands, bar counters. With a simple mounting knife, they can be given the desired shape.

Catalog of leather wall panels

In the catalog of leather wall panels are all the articles from this category. In addition to product’s image, as well as interior photo of leather wall panels, the catalog shows the price of the products, its detailed description and technical specifications.

Buy leather wall panels in the online store with delivery

Buy leather wall panels - not everyone can afford this because the price of leather wall panels are very high. Therefore, consumers do not immediately decide on the purchase. What is even more difficult is the purchase of such materials in online stores, as the potential consumer has to make a choice while not being able to see the original product and hold it in their hands. Buying leather wall panels is much easier than you think. This choice is related not only to the cost savings and innovative design of our panels, but also to the additional services that our online store offers. First of all, we are talking about the dispatch of samples. Each client is given the opportunity to purchase a sample of the wall panel he/she likes at a nominal price. In addition, you can always consult the managers of the online store Profhome.co.uk. Good luck choosing and enjoy your shopping!