Punch 3D

Punch 3D wall panels

Using perforated decorative wall panels from the Punch 3D collection, you can create a unique visual panorama effect in your premises. These self-adhesive panels are characterized by an elegant exclusive 3D design.

By the nature of the perforation, Punch 3D wall panels are divided into:

  • Panels with cross-cut holes
  • perforated panels with metallized base-layer

According to the visual effect, the following types of panels can be distinguished:

  • Wall panels with a decorative metallized surface
  • Wall panels with a decorative stylized wood surface

Punch 3D wall panels in interior space

Metal is widely used in interior design. Today interior styles such as industrial and high-tech are popularly used. Nevertheless, quite often we feel like branching out from superfluous rigidity and simplicity of these styles without breaking their aesthetic integrity. The optimal solution to this difficult task will be the use of perforated sheet metal. For this purpose the Punch 3D collection was created.

Self-adhesive Punch 3D wall panels

Accurately imitate the metal surface, cross-cutting symmetrically located square holes form a geometric ornament of these decorative coatings. This innovative design is elegant and functional. The advantage of end-to-end perforation can be fully appreciated using these panels for organizing concealed lighting systems. To do this, just fix these panels on the frame and place LED lights behind it.

If you prefer a futuristic design, and a monochrome geometric ornament seems banal to you, you should pay attention to the perforated decorative panels with a substrate of metallized film that slightly protrudes through the holes of the panel and thus forms a three-dimensional ornament. These panels are distinguished not only by a more extensive choice of textures and colors, but also by the variety of perforated ornaments: from square and round holes to a floral perforated design!