for paste-the-paper & vinyl wallpaper

Adhesive for vinyl wallpaper on a paper basis

The STATUS adhesive for paper-based vinyl wallpaper is an excellent solution for achieving a durable, reliable and long-lasting connection between wallpaper and the wall or ceiling. Safe for health, effective and easy to use, this adhesive is odourless, doesn’t stain, and, in addition to creating a reliable bond between the surfaces, also provides good antifungal protection. So if you need an adhesive for vinyl wallpaper on a paper basis, we recommend STATUS adhesive.

How to prepare the adhesive for paper-based wallpaper.

There are three steps to preparing the adhesive for paper-based wallpapers:

  • First, pour the powder contents of the pack into a container of cold water, thoroughly and continuously mixing the resulting mixture.
  • The mixture should be given 3 minutes to settle until the consistency is smoother.
  • After 3 minutes the resulting adhesive is again intensively mixed, and then it's ready for use.

How and where to apply the adhesive for paper-based wallpaper?

We recommend following these guidelines:

  • Make sure the surface to be hung is well prepared, in other words: even, clean, dry and primed.
  • Next, the adhesive is applied uniformly to the back of the sheet of wallpaper. Avoid getting it on the front.
  • After this, the sheet is "booked" (i.e. carefully folded so that the pasted sides meet without creasing) for 5-10 minutes. This allows the adhesive to soak into the wallpaper and "cure" it.
  • Finally, the wallpaper should be hung on the wallpaper or ceiling surface, flush without overlap, then smoothed from the centre to the edges using a rubber roller, to ensure a reliable fit and to prevent bumps and bubbles.

One pack of adhesive (250 grammes) is enough for 35-40 square metres of wallpaper (about 7 litres of water). For simple paper wallpapers, less adhesive will be needed, and for heavy vinyl wallpaper, more.

For preliminary priming / surface treatment one pack is enough for 50-60 sqm (about 10 litres of water).

Buying adhesive / paste for wallpaper on a paper basis with delivery

To help you find the best product for your needs, our online catalogue of adhesive / paste for wallpaper on a paper basis shows the prices and detailed descriptions.

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