Indirect lighting

Cornice mouldings for indirect lighting

The various mouldings for indirect lighting and lighting devices that we present in this section will help add all the elegance of hidden lighting to your interior. Soft, diffused light will create a warm and cozy atmosphere of relaxation and comfort in any room. But even without lighting, the simple and refined design of our Orac Decor® crown moulding elements for concealed lighting will perfectly embellish and emphasize the individuality of your rooms.

Design and advantages of cornice moulding for indirect lighting

The main advantages of cornice moulding for hidden lighting are:

  • Visual increase in the size of the room. The light from a hidden source is reflected off the surfaces of the walls, ceiling or floor, while scattering in the room. These properties of light have the pleasant effect of making the available interior space seem larger and more spacious.
  • Gentle, eye-pleasing light. The light source is hidden from direct view, and as a result it doesn't dazzle or irritate the eyes. Orac Decor® mouldings are used in conjunction with LED light strips to create a pleasant and continuous line of light, without negatively affecting sensitive eyes or creating areas of strong contrast between light and shadow.
  • Economical. Unlike traditional options, LED devices are more reliable, durable, and energy saving.
  • Good performance. All the cornice mouldings for hidden illumination that are available from our online store Profhome are made from the modern high-quality materials Duropolymer® and Purotouch®. Accordingly, they have good resistance to moisture, ultraviolet rays, mechanical damage and temperature changes, and are also easily cleaned.
  • Adaptability to the style of the interior. You can easily paint the cornice mouldings in any required shade, so that the decorative elements for concealed illumination harmoniously blend in with the overall colour scheme of your room.

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Browse through our online catalogue to find out more about the technical characteristics and prices of cornice moulding for indirect lighting, and take a look at the photos. You can also take advantage of our sample order service, and order by mail samples of any product you'd like to check personally before buying. Once you've made your choice, you can easily buy cornice moulding for indirect lighting online. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our customer support team will help you to make your purchase and, if necessary, organise fast express delivery to any country in the world.