S-Glass wall panels

Self-adhesive S-Glass wall panel’s collection are exclusive decorative coatings for interior decoration of premises. The design of these panels is diverse, but their main feature is the presence of an upper decorative layer made of special acrylic glass that provides excellent resistance to panels to various external influences.

According to their technical characteristics, S-Glass panels are divided into:

  • Folding panels covered with acrylic glass and polished
  • Stiff panels with a wear-resistant coating of acrylic glass

S-Glass wall panels in interior space

Thanks to its exclusive design and excellent moisture resistance, the scope of decorative coatings of S-Glass is unlimited. They will be an excellent finish for the bathroom and kitchen. Despite the fact that the panels themselves are waterproof and resistant to abrasion, it is recommended to seal their joints. This practical and stylish finish will be an excellent solution for decorating kitchen countertops and dickey.

In addition to functional properties, acrylic panels are an excellent alternative to decorative glass. There are many interior styles that involve the use of glass. A variety of ornamental and color score in combination with glass shine will not cease to amaze experienced designers and architects.