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Beautiful and stylish wall panels by Style

If you are tired of perfectly white walls, then you need to think about the repair. The first thing that comes to your mind is paint, wallpaper, decorative plaster and other tedious measures. We will prove you that stylish design of the walls is a quick and non-dusty work. Using fashionable exclusive wall panels, you will cardinally change the design of the room and create the desired atmosphere. A variety of styles of walls panels with a self-adhesive base will allow you experiment and renew the interior.

Our internal panels are divided into several categories according to the style, which will be described in other articles. But there are features that are common for different styles of decorative wall panels:

  • Easy installation, due to the self-adhesive base. Such self-adhesive wall coverings can be installed without special skills and without special tools. For a quick change of design, you can order wall panels on a magnetic basis.
  • Practicalness. Having decided to buy our decorative wall coatings, you will get not only beautiful wall panels, but also practical finishing materials, as they are easy to clean and tidy, and most of them are resistant to moisture, abrasion and high temperatures.
  • Eco-friendliness. Our stylish panels are made of environmentally friendly materials that do not contain PVC or other harmful substances.
  • Easy transportation. Practically all decorative stylish wall panels from our range, except panels with a covering from acrylic glass, are rolled up in a roll and are packed in a cardboard box.

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If you still have any doubts, we recommend you see the catalog of goods and view photos of beautiful wall panels, or order a sample by mail to make sure in all its advantages.

Buy and see for yourself that the price of stylish wall panels is fully justified by their excellent quality and unique design. Have a nice shopping!