PremiumVlies collection of paintable non-woven lining paper

The PremiumVlies collection of paintable non-woven lining paper is produced by the German company e-Delux, and is the perfect choice for those who don’t like experiments, but prefer unquestionable quality. PremiumVlies is a high-quality repair material. Absolutely safe for health and 100% breathable, this wall lining of non-woven fabric with a density of 150-160g / m2 perfectly hides any discolouration or unevenness on the walls, and reinforces medium-sized to large cracks.

Also, in addition to strengthening the walls, the smooth finish of our PremiumVlies paintable non-woven wall lining means it can be painted many times, wallpapered over, or covered with plaster, artificial stone or decorated in any other way.

PremiumVlies collection catalogue

Browse through our online catalogue and find interior photos of the PremiumVlies wall lining, its price, description and technical characteristics. Also, you have the opportunity to order a sample of the goods and personally verify the quality of the material for yourself.

Depending on the extent of repairs planned, PremiumVlies can be bought in units of 4, 6, or 9 rolls, as well as on pallets of 77 and 84 rolls. The larger the order, the lower the price of one roll! Our customer service is happy to answer any questions you may have by phone or online chat. Our team will help you to purchase PremiumVlies paintable non-woven lining paper, and arrange fast delivery of your order directly to your door in any country in the world. Step in to our online store Profhome and discover all the advantages yourself. Enjoy your shopping!