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Varieties of mosaic from different materials

Since ancient times different types of mosaic have been used to decorate the interior of buildings. These early decorations were stone or ceramic mosaics, which are especially prone to mechanical damage and corrosion. Today, however, metal variants are available and have become quite popular. These metal mosaics are distinguished not only by excellent performance characteristics, but also by their ultra-modern, stylish design.

Materials for the production of mosaic tiles

The technology employed in the production of these ALLOY mosaics involves pressing tiles from a single sheet of metal with a thickness of 1.6 mm. This innovative production method was developed by the Australian company ALLOY, making all their products unique, reliable and durable, and of excellent quality.

The various types of mosaic tile differ in their design features and properties. Options from brass or copper, for example, look exquisite and noble, but the surface is prone to oxidation and the formation of a natural patina. The surfaces of titanium alloy tiles, in contrast, aren't affected by external influences, and retain their original appearance. Stainless steel tiles have a characteristic texture and glitter of natural metal, but are also quite resistant to external damage. A version of crude steel, exhibiting a wide range of blue-gray shades, will add modernism and minimalism to the room.

Thanks to a wide range of different colours, shapes and sizes, in our online catalogue it's easy to select the perfect metal mosaic to suit your interior.