Wall Panels

Wall panels for interior walls

Are you looking for a luxurious interior – eye-catcher or for exclusive wall coverings for representative rooms? Then our self-adhesive decorative WallFace wall panels are the perfect way to give your walls in a few minutes a distinctive “face” – WallFace. With a large range of decorative panels, which can be installed as easily as self-adhesive wallpaper, WallFace design sheets will enable you to realize exceptional ideas for beautiful walls in your home.

Wall panels for internal finishing of walls

Wall panels (WallFace)— material used for walls internal finishor interior elements, consisting of two layers. High-impact polystyrene is a lower layer (base). The upper layer (coating) is chosen depending on designation and visual effect of decorative panel. For example, upper layer can be paint, lacquer, film (PVC), synthetic polyurethane leather, metalized film etc. But, regardless of chosen type of coating, all materials are absolutely safe, environment-friendly and do not contain PVC.

Wall panels, presented incatalogof Profhome.co.uk online market, have a range of doubtless advantages:

  • Durable. Wall panels are made of high-quality materials, which do not lose their properties and presentable appearance within many years.
  • Moisture-proof. All wall panels have different level of moisture-resistance, so in advance pay attention to the level of suitability of the panel chosen by you for humid premises.
  • Easy to clean. Possibility of washing of decorative panelswith using of household chemicals depends on their moisture-resistance, most panels are quite suitable for cleaning with wet cloth or sponge.
  • Wear-resistant. Most wall panelshave solid upper layer, which resists well to mechanical friction, but some types of coating (for example, from synthetic leather) can have low resistance to rubbing. Pay attention to at your choice!
  • Resistant to temperature fluctuations up to 60 degrees.
  • Flexible and light. Small weight and possibility to wrap in rolls facilitate the process of transportation and installation of wall panels.But there are panels, for example, from acryl glass, which do not have such a property.
  • Self-adhesive. On reverse side of each panel there is a glue layer protected with special film. But it is possible tom order panels without glue layer, and in some cases also on magnet basis
  • Easy to cut. Most of decorative panels can be cut even with simple cutter.

DIY wall panel mounting

Due to availability of self-adhesive basis, wall panel designwon’t require any special skills, time or capital costs. For panel mountingfirst of all you will need to prepare clean, dry and smooth surface. After that, in the course of adhesion it is necessary to remove the film, protecting glue covering and stick the panel tightly with rubber roll to the wall for prevention of bubble or swelling formation. Within few minutes glue will dry completely and decorative panel will be ready for use. The sheets up to 2 mm thick are easily cut with usual cutter, due to which you will be able to attach the desirable shape or size to the wall panel without problems. To reach the tightness of the covering, the junctions between panels are filled with silicon.

If you need to change decorations often, there are involvements of various wall panels design, for example, for decoration of exhibition stands or show-room, for additional payment it is possible to change of self-adhesive bases for magnet. At such option, special magnet covering is applied on the surface being glued, whereto it is easy to mount/dismount the wall panels.

Due to the modern production and printing technologies enabling to create high-quality coating and quite realistic designs, wall panels became widely used not only for internal walls decoration, but also for gluing of exhibition stands, bar counters, furniture, door, billboards, windows etc.

Catalog of wall panels with photo and price

In catalog of Profhome.co.uk online store you will find many photos of wall panels, price, detailed description and technical characteristics.

If you cannot decide upon which wall panels to buy, use the service of sample order. The price of such enquiry is minimal, as the samples are sent by letter. After the order is delivered, you will be able to assure yourself in excellent quality, special design of wall panels’ compatibility with premises interior.

Apart from that, the team of professional advisers work in website support service, which can always consult you about selection of colour or pattern of decorative panel.

Buy wall panels in online store with shipping

You can ask managers of Profhome.co.uk online store all the questions concerning the price, payment methods and purchase performing. They will help you to buy wall panels and order the shipping nationwide and worldwide. The parcel will be delivered to your home within couple of days. For transportation, wall panels are rolled with glue outside and packed in carton box. Such packing method is an additional protection of decorative side of wall panel against possible damages during transportation. Delivery times can be checked with the manager. Enjoy your shopping!