Cinquanta Mosaic Tile Collection

The Cinquanta mosaic tile collection from the Australian manufacturer ALLOY is a solid metal mosaic punched with high accuracy from sheet metal with a thickness of 1.6 mm. This is a very stylish, long-lasting, and hard-wearing material for decorating interior and exterior surfaces. The material isn’t prone to such deformations as dents, cracks or de-lamination.

The Cinquanta mosaic collection is offered in 5 materials: brass, copper, titanium, unrefined steel, and stainless steel. Surface finish in four stylish variants: mirror-polished, brushed, matte and milled.

By combining the different types of metal with these finishes, almost unlimited design options are created for using the Cinquanta metal mosaic.

Design of Cinquanta mosaic tile collection

Cinquanta mosaic tile collection - square. The stable, steady form gives your room a sense of harmony and balance, creating a space where you can relax from the city's bustle, and recharge your batteries. Feel the atmosphere of comfort.

The mosaic Cinquanta collection is available in 3 colours: gold, copper, and unique shades of grey - especially in the raw steel variants. Materials used: brass, copper, titanium, stainless and unrefined (raw) steel.

The range of Cinquanta mosaic tiles features four different finishes: milled, brushed, mirror-polished and matte.

Each of the variants of Cinquanta solid metal mosaic tile has its own characteristics due to different types of decor and materials.

Brass has the characteristic feature of acquiring a thin protective green patina under exposure to atmospheric influences.

In copper, the natural oxidation process gradually changes the colour of its surface and the final shade of the patina will depend on the environment.

Titanium is a material that - thanks to technical innovation - isn't subject to oxidation and the formation of a natural patina. This allows the tiles to maintain their unique colour and gloss during the entire lifespan of the mosaic.

One more variant of the Cinquanta mosaic tile collection with unique characteristics is unrefined steel (often referred to as raw steel). The type of surface is milled. The main colour is rich, infinitely diverse blue-grey tones.

The ALLOY mosaic from raw (untreated) steel is an ideal material for anyone looking for something unique for exterior decoration that changes its appearance. Without a protective coating, and under the influence of environmental factors, this product will slowly change over time and become covered with patina. With ALLOY'S solid metal mosaic from raw steel, it's possible to achieve the formation of a unique red-orange patina, characteristic of cor-ten steel.