Ceiling wallpaper

Nice and original decoration of wallpaper for ceiling is very important at planning of premises design. Wallpaper is a very popular option of ceiling design due to their cheapness and easiness of application and maintenance. The material of this article will help you to choose wallpaper for ceiling in such a way that they maximally exactly would meet your requirements.

What wallpaper for ceiling to use

The most popular materials of wallpaper for ceiling are non-woven paper and vinyl. Non-woven wallpaper for ceiling has a dense structure, which helps to hide small ceiling defects. This kind of wallpaper is made of natural materials, is environmentally safe and lets the air in. Vinyl wallpaper for ceiling consist of two components — thick non-woven basis and upper layer of vinyl coating. Due to this they also well hide small surface inequalities, are damp-proof, durable and resist well to mechanical damages.

What to glue first, wallpaper on the walls or on the ceiling

Doing repairing of apartment the question often arises: “What to do first, walls or ceiling?”. There is no definite answer to this question, but most specialists come to conclusion that it’s more convenient and practical to finish glueing of ceiling with wallpaper, and then go to wall repairing. The reasons of such consequence are the following:
1. If you use wallpaper for ceiling, penetration or leaks from ceiling on the walls.
2. For installation of floating or stretched ceiling before glueing wallpapers a row of holes is drilled in walls at certain height. Accordingly, dust, arising at drilling, penetrates on walls.
3. During installation of stretched ceiling blow heater is used, which increase temperature in the whole premises and especially near the wall under the ceiling. Accordingly, during installation of stretched ceiling before glueing wallpapers increased temperature can negatively affect characteristics of glue, and material of wallpaper for walls.

What to choose: ceiling wallpaper or stretched ceiling

Both variants, wallpaper for ceiling and using stretched ceiling, are widely used during repairing of apartments and have their pluses and minuses. Let’s consider the most significant of them.

  • stretched ceiling hide well any defects of surface, have a wide choice of options, which allows to create an original and interesting design in your room. They are not exposed to fading out, stable to deformation and influence of humidity. Negative aspects of using stretched ceiling are their high price and reducing the height of premises at 10-15 centimeters.
  • ceiling wallpaper are characterized with affordable price, big choice of various design options, easiness of installation. Minus of using ceiling wallpaper is their short life and high exposure to effect of ultraviolet and humidity.

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