Retro wall panels for apartments and houses

The word “retro” is translated from the Latin language as “back”. Retro style wall panels will help you to create the atmosphere of any era in your apartment or house. The retro style has a slightly different shade of meaning than vintage, although they are often used as synonyms. If the object of vintage style is original antiquities, their unique quality and popularity in a certain period of time, then the retro style that does not have clear time boundaries; it is a return to the past, the object of which is rather not the qualitative characteristics of the subject itself, but the appeal to a particular culture. Therefore, even completely new items that successfully imitate the original, refer to the retro style.
Retro effect wall panels As in the 70s and 80s. Retro is back! Wall coverings in colours typical of this memorable time.

Decorative wall panels for retro interior

In addition to the unique nostalgic design, our decorative retro style wall panels will please you with a practical construction:

  • Ease to install. You don’t need to trouble oneself around with the choice and purchase of glue and all necessary tools. The reverse side of each retro wall panel is equipped with a self-adhesive base, so you only need to prepare a clean, smooth, dry surface and gently stick the panel on.
  • Easy to care. Due to the good resistance to moisture, abrasion and temperature drops of most decorative coatings, you can easily keep them clean and tidy wall panels with ordinary wet sponge or cloth.
  • Eco-friendliness. Decorative Retro panels are made of environmentally friendly materials that do not contain PVC or other harmful substances.
  • Easy cutting. If you need to change the size or shape of the panel, you can easily do it with an ordinary mounting knife.

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