Nature wall panels

WallFace decorative wall panels with natural motifs are widely used in the design of residential and commercial spaces as an alternative to using natural materials. The popularity of such materials is explained by the fact that humans have been using them to furnish their dwellings for thousands of years. Undoubtedly, historically, their main value was their functionality and practicality. In the course of time, in addition to these characteristics though, great importance has become attached to the aesthetic features of natural materials.

The impact of scientific and technological progress on the environment is ambiguous: On the one hand, such developments offer opportunities to extract previously-untapped natural resources and produce synthetic materials; On the other hand, they reduce the availability of exhaustible natural resources and increase the rate of their consumption. Therefore, the use of natural materials in interior design has become an expensive pleasure. But, thanks to technical progress, we can now offer you a worthy alternative to these expensive materials, in the form of our decorative self-adhesive WallFace panels that imitate natural materials.

Nature wall panels in the interior

In our assortment you'll find imitations of a wide variety of natural materials:

  • Wall coverings with a tree effect
  • Wall coverings with a marble effect
  • Wall coverings with a concrete effect
  • Wall coverings with a solidified lava effect
  • Wall coverings with a stone effect
  • Wall coverings with a fur effect

All our products are made from high-quality and environmentally-friendly materials. Thanks to advanced technology and the exclusive design, our panels are visually and haptically difficult to distinguish from the natural materials that they want to emulate. Self-adhesive decorative panels that imitate natural materials are an excellent finish not only for walls, but also for items of furniture, bar counters, and exhibition stands.

Browing through the online catalogue of WallFace nature wall panels, you'll find photos, prices and more technical descriptions. Before placing an order, you can order a sample of the products in which you're interested, to be sure of the high quality and to enable you to appreciate the unique design.

Our Profhome customer service department will gladly help you order your wall panels with nature motifs and arrange their delivery directly to your home. Enjoy your shopping!