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1. Questions about the handling of our web-shop.

Are samples available?

To help you to make your decicion you can order samples of one or several article(s) in our shop. So you can convince yourself of the oitstanding quality of our products before purchasing. Allow yourself an unhurried decision at home where you can find out if our samples match the light, the floors, the furniture and the decoration of your rooms. A sample keeps you from mispurchases and helps to make an informed decision.

Here you'll find further Information about our sample service.

How can I place an order?

You either search products by entering their colour, pattern, article-number or a catchword in the search-field. Or choose comfortably in the left-hand navigation. Add the chosen products to your cart by clicking the button "Add to cart".


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How can I pay? Which payment methods are accepted?

In our webshop payment is possible by prepayment / bank transfer, giropay, cash on delivery, PayPal or Skrill (credit card). You may as well personally collect your goods here at our stock in Erkrath (near Duesseldorf) for cash.

Detailled information about the payment methods you can find here.

Are goods delivered abroad? How are the shippment charges?

You can use our shipping rate table (button in the top navigation) to get an overview of all countries, methods and charges of delivery.

2. Wallpaper

Is it possible to paint wallpaper?

Depending on the material, many sorts of wallpaper are proper to be painted. Textured white wallpaper with both paper and non-woven backing can be painted up to 7 times with usual latex or water based paint. An extremely good selling line are our paintable textured paste the wall wallpapers. Owing to the double width of the rolls - 106 cm instead of 53 cm - hanging of large walls is done faster and easier with less seams. These eco-friendly wallpapers are avaible in many different textures and embossments which can be coloured and designed individually.

Are wallpaper samples available?

Please feel free to order samples of our wallpaper before you make your decision. See their colours in your own rooms and enjoy the touch of their texture with your own hands. Allow yourself an unhurried decision at home where you can find out if our samples match the light, the floors, the furniture and the decoration of your rooms. A sample keeps you from mispurchases and helps you to make your decision.

Order samples

What is the meaning of the symbols on the wallpaper label?

The labels provide all neccessary legal and comercial information to our customers.These information are in plain language and customary. Symbols of international certificates indicate the equivalent certification.

Here you'll find explanations regarding the usual wallpaper symbols and quality marks.

What is non-woven wall liner?

For those who perfer a simple, unfussy style the eco-friendly (top-quality 100% pure and water vapor permeable non-woven fibers) is highly recommended. This premium non-woven with neither coating nor strukture is a hard-wearing brand quality fiber for the renovation and reinforcement of walls and ceilings of all kind. Especially proper on sheets of drywall or well smoothed plaster (Q4-standard).

It serves as a crack covering base for all sorts of wallpaper as well as for creative painting and smoothing over techniques. Among different experts this product has different names: lining paper, wall liner, renovation fiber, painting base surface, painter's non woven, reinforcement fiber. It is always the same product: pure,smooth non-woven - with neither coating nor texture and in different weights per surface.

In contrast to glass fiber these non woven fiber products are kind to the skin, breathable and dry strippable. As well as the paintable textured paste the wall wallpapers, these non woven wall liners can be painted several times with usual latex or water based paint.

What does pattern match mean?

Pattern repeat is the smallest part of a pattern or ornament on a wallpaper. It means the distance between the repetitions of that ornament on a certain wallpaper. Normally ist a distance of 64 or 32 cm. Match describes a pattern that is divided at one side of a wallpaper strip and is completed with the side of the neighbour strip in order to show the whole ornament on the wall. With an offset match there are two distances mentioned: pattern repeat and match e.g. 64 / 32 cm. The pattern of each following strip has to be moved the given distance of the pattern match.

Here you'll find explanations regarding the usual wallpaper symbols and quality marks.

Which wallpaper is proper for creative painting techniques?

Creative wall design is very trendy. With textured paintable wallpaper and simple painting techniques you can implement your wishes and ideas easily.

Benefits of textured non woven paintable wallpaper:

  • dimensionally stable, extremely true to size, can be hung without soaking the paste in advance
  • can be painted several times with usual latex or water based paint
  • particularly impressive with creative wiping, dab, glaze and roll techniques
  • strippable in dry without leaving residues of paste or paper
  • appropiate for all rooms (office, children's room, living room, bedroom, etc.)

Be creative and design your rooms according to your own ideas. At the moment you have new ideas and wish to change the look of your home environment you don't have to hang new wallpaper. Our textured non woven paintable wallpapers are created and produced to be painted several times.

Please find instructions and guidance for many techniques of creative wall design here.

Get some creative ideas how to decorate your home in fanciful way but with little effort.

Which benefits do textured non woven paintable wallpapers offer?

The non woven wallpaper is one of the most succesful innovations during the past years.

The backing material of our non woven wallpaper is made of non woven synthetic cellulose-based fibres which are extremely humidity-resistant - therefore these wallpapers do not deform when they get in contact with the glue. Moreover they are tear-proof and able to span over irregularities and hide fissures in the wall. The procedure of hanging non woven wallpapers is very simple as well.

Non woven wallpapers are:

  • glas fibre free, not toxic and washable
  • tear-proof and dimensionally stable thanks to cellulose and textile fibres
  • very resistent and long-living (the life period of wallpapers with a non woven backing is much longer in comparision with wallpapers on the basis of paper)
  • strippable in dry without leaving residues of paste or paper

We offer a great variety of non woven wallpapers. Make your choice between fancy floral designs, embossed marble looks and pearly shimmering pastel designs as well as interesting visual appearances of different paint and plaster techniques.

How do I calculate the wallpaper quantity I need?

Measure the length and width of your room, this gives the circumference of the room (2 x length + 2 x width). If you know the height of the walls you may use these charts to check the necessary wallpaper quantity. A probable wastage of 10% is already taken into account. In case of wallpapers with a large pattern (offset match) you will have to reckon more wastage.

How to hang non woven wallpapers?

There is no need to prepare this kind of wallpaper: directly on to the pasted wall and without previous soaking the dry wallpaper can be hung and cut off. If you prefer to put the paste on to the wallpaper's back as it is usual you also can do it like that - soaking time is not need. This modern technique will save you time and trouble and allows you to hang up your wallpapers without too much effort. Keep in mind that the walls shall be clean, dry, smooth and even.

Important information: You need a special kind of paste for non woven wallpapers.

How to choose the appropriate paste? Is there a special kind of paste for non woven wallpapers?

Application and usage of wallpaper paste always depend on the wallpaper's texture as well as on the wall surface and the implemented tools. Strippable non woven wallpapers and heavyweight vinyl wallpapers need to be treated with a special paste respectively. For all our wallpapers we offer specialised high adhesive pastes that are characterised by their very good initial adherency. The PROFI paste for nonwoven-backed wallpaper and PROFI paste for paper-backed vinyl wallpaper are the best choice for paperhanging on any kind of walls and ceilings.

These PROFI pastes come in a modern instant form. They may be prepared and used just like traditional pastes but are ready to use after only three minutes. They are very economical, lump free, inodorous, they don't leave flecks and protect steadily against fungus.

3. Cornice mouldings

LUXXUS products are made of Purotouch®, a material that is easy to process. Can all Orac columns and half columns be cut?

It depends on the column shape but not on the material.

When cutting cone-shaped columns it may occur that column and pedestal do not conjoin perfectly and gaps or holes come to existence that have to be reworked with filler. Cilindrical shaped columns may be cut easily without any problems.

Is there a possibility to decorate unevenly or roundly shaped walls and corners with Orac-mouldings?

Orac flex is the perfect solution for decorating curved and rounded walls. Thanks to their flexibility these mouldings may be used to embellish curved walls and ceilings. For the first time you have the opportunity to decorate uneven walls, roundings or self-designed curves with the respective flexible mouldings. These flexible mouldings are handled in the same way as conventional PU-mouldings.

Are Orac products suitable for application in the outdoor area (e.g. on frontages)?

Yes, but in this case do only use our DecoFix Hydro paste instead of DecoFix Pro. You shall then use a quality paint that is suitable for outdoors as well.

Regarding areas with elevated air moisture - can the FDP500 paste be used for fixing mouldings in the kitchen or in the small bathroom (without shower)?

Generally this is not a problem as far as the surface to be decorated is absorbant enough. Bathrooms often are tiled up to the ceiling. In this case the specialised paste DecoFix Hydro should be used.

Can I order a sample?

If you can't decide straightaway which moulding you wish to order you have the possibility to order one or several samples of Orac mouldings. The length of one sample item is approx. 10 cm / 3.49 inches. So you can convince yourself of the outstanding quality of our products before purchasing. Allow yourself an unhurried decision at home where you can find out if our samples match the decoration of your rooms.

What is the difference between the collections LUXXUS; AXXENT and BASIXX?

Orac LUXXUS: The Orac LUXXUS collection is the first class collection within the Orac DECOR® trademark. This compilation contains a unique range of luxury and creative mouldings and decorative parts and fittings therefor. Orac LUXXUS distinguishes with an exceptional design and impeccable quality. They are produced off Purotech®, a highly compressed polyurethane hard foam that represents the same characteristics as wood and is therefore easily to handle. The surface of this material is solid and even. Its quality is proven to allow smooth application.

The Orac AXXENT edition stands for high quality in every single detail. This professional trademark offers a complete assortment of cornice and panel mouldings, skirtings, door frames and pediments and other multifunctional mouldings. This collection gives you the opportunity to design any room with high quality products on a very good price. Orac AXXENT stucco elements emphasize every decoration style - being it mordern or classical. Use single mouldings or several in combination to create a new and novel atmosphere in your home. All Orac AXXENT mouldings are made of Duropolymer® - not a cheap and brittle polystyrene but an extruded polymer composition which is highly impact- and water-resistant due to its high density. This innovative material is ideal for use as skirtings and wallframes because of its extraordinary toughness which makes it extremely shock-resistant. Another advantange of Duropolymer®: it is 100% recyclable.

The Orac BASIXX collection presents attractive design at highest cost effectiveness. This decorative mouldings line is characterised by its very innovative and fresh look and is therefore appropriate for the classical and the modern room design as well - decorate your rooms with good quality and very reasonably priced products. All Orac BASIXX mouldings are made of an extruded light polymer based on a polymer composition with medium density. This production method is a revolutionary innovation by Orac Decor. The decorative mouldings made from Durofoam®, a patented quality synthetic material, show silksmooth surfaces and accurate representations in every detail with sharp edges.

Is there any important information regarding the installation of a ceiling rose for lustres?

Many Orac roses are available with a special space for hiding cables and wires. In case of application of a ceiling rose for lamps and lustres you will have to perforate the rose for passing through the cord. Furthermore, before sticking the rose on to the ceiling, don't forget to install a functionally adequate suspension hook for lamps and (heavy) lustres.

Where is the difference between Orac products and other plaster mouldings?

Visually Orac decorative mouldings can not be distinguished form real plaster mouldings. But in comparision to conventional stucco elements made of plaster or wood the Orac products convince through their light weight and higher solidity. Orac mouldings have smooth and exacly worked surfaces. All motifs and decoration elements are precise and sharp-edged. Less expensive cornice mouldings and stucco elements are made of polystyrol foam. They are worked less precisely and are less sharp-edged. Hence decoration workings with this kind of mouldings are usually inaccurate and the relievo decor is not too visually clear and exact. Moreover this material is not cuttable as good because it tends to burst easily.

How do I have to perform where the moulding does not end at a wall but in a room (e.g. in the stairway)? How do I prevent that one can look "behind the moulding" through an open space between the moulding and the wall?

The mouldings have to be cranked, meaning that at the mouldings are mitred (use an oddment for the connection to the wall to cover the hole). Check the figure:

Can the cornices also be used outdoors?

You can determine whether the desired product is suitable for outdoor use by checking the label in the product description.

How can cornices be installed outdoors?

Use only our outdoor adhesive for installation in outdoor areas and an appropriate quality paint for outdoor use. We recommend additional fastening with screws and checking adhesive compatibility with various product brands.
(Orac / DecoFix Power, Profhome / Profhome G10U290, NMC / NMC DOMOSTYL Hybrid)

You can find a detailed installation guide for download in the product information of the facade elements.