Tips and Tricks

Creative wall decoration is trendy. With paintable textured non-woven wallpapers and simple techniques of painting you can very easily realise your dreams and ideas. We offer these ecologic textured wallpapers with many different designs and patterns, with free match embossing and structures that can be decorated with coloured paint just as you wish. In that way you may satisfy your individual demands on an economic basis.

Benefits of textured non woven paintable wallpaper:
  • dimensionally stable, extremely true to size, can be hung without soaking the paste in advance
  • can be painted several times with usual latex or water based paint
  • particularly impressive with creative wiping, dab, glaze and roll techniques
  • strippable in dry without leaving residues of paste or paper
  • appropiate for all rooms (office, children's room, living room, bedroom, etc.)

Be creative and design your rooms according to your own ideas. At the moment you have new ideas and wish to change the look of your home environment you don't have to hang new wallpaper. Our textured non woven paintable wallpapers are created and produced to be painted several times. Please find instructions and guidance for many techniques of creative wall design here. Get some creative ideas how to decorate your home in fanciful way but with little effort.

1. Example

Before hanging the wallpaper, paint the back of each strip with latex paint. When dry, hang the paste-the-wall non-woven directly on the wall. The slightly translucent non-woven backing would be discreetly colored, while the textured blown vinyl surface would elegantly stand out on its background. This painting technique gives an impressive decorative coating.

Tools: fur roller, painting tub, painter‘s scotch tape.

2. Example

After hanging the wallpaper use a hard smooth rubber roller to apply gently some paint onto the strip. Make sure not to press the roller to keep the paint from getting into the pattern tracks. You may also first paint the entire wall using a fur roller and then paint the textured pattern with paint of a different color.

Tools: fur roller, painting tub, rubber roller, painter‘s scotch tape.

3. Example

Apply the paint onto the wall that will be papered. Wait until the paint is dry and hang the wallpaper. As a result, the color would be mildly seen trough the slightly translucent wallpaper with non-woven backing. This technique accentuates the pattern.

Tools: fur roller, painting tub, rubber roller, painter‘s scotch tape.

4. Example

Add an effect- add-on glaze to your latex paint, to make the color more transparent and increase the paint drying time. While the top paint coat is still wet, rub the wall with a rubber applicator. This will remove some of the applied color while it’s still wet. Repeat the process until you have reached the desired effect.

Tools: fur roller, painting tub, rubber applicator, painter‘s scotch tape.

5. Example

Apply paint of a lighter shade onto the strip. After drying, apply a darker shade of paint and smudge the paint with a wet cloth; that way the top surface would be less painted and the pattern texture would look deeper.

Tools: fur roller, painting tub, painter‘s scotch tape, cloth.

6. Example

First hang the strips, then paint and let them dry. Afterwards apply the appropriately colored metallic glazing onto the painted strip, this would give pearly gloss to the surface.

Tools: fur roller, painting tub, rubber applicator, painter‘s scotch tape.