Decorative floor mouldings made of Duropolymer®

Floor mouldings are an excellent solution for creating a level and elegant joining between the wall and the floor. They not only help to smooth a sharp angle, hide uneven edges of wallpaper, linoleum, parquet flooring and tiles, but also spots of adhesive or mortar, wiring, and other problems that inevitably arise during repair work. The Orac Decor® skirting from our Profhome online store has a simple and concise design that is perfect for decorating rooms of any style.

Advantages of floor mouldings made of Duropolymer®

The lower part of the wall is more susceptible to dirt, temperature changes, moisture, mechanical damage and other external influences than higher parts. Accordingly, our skirting not only has an exquisite design, but also excellent functional characteristics. Unlike the variants of skirting made from wood, plastic or gypsum, our skirting boards are made of unique and modern Duropolymer®, a material which is one of the latest Orac Decor® scientific developments. It's shock-proof, doesn't fade, and also doesn't deform when exposed to temperature changes or conditions of high humidity.

Thanks to the lightness and tensile strength of our skirting, its application doesn't require any special effort or skill from you. And also, so that the product design better matches the overall design of your rooms, the Duropolymer® mouldings can be easily painted in any desired shade. In addition, many skirting elements are available in a flexible design (Flex), which allows them to be used for decorating various rounded sections and columns.

Buy skirting from our online store with delivery

In our online catalogue, you can see photos, and find more information on the technical characteristics and prices of the decorative floor elements. If you like, you can use our mail sample service to order a sample of the products in which you're interested. This will enable you to experience all the merits of skirting boards made of Duropolymer® firsthand. After you've made your choice, we'll help you to purchase your desired goods. Should you have any questions when ordering, please contact us. Our support team will answer all your questions, help you complete the purchase and, if necessary, organise fast express delivery to any country in the world. Enjoy your shopping!