Fur look

Fur Wallpaper Design for the Interior

We present you the fur wallpaper. Wallpapers with fur imitation – a rich palette of colors, which gives great opportunities for creating exclusive combinations and options.

Fur Wallpapers are an excellent alternative to monophonic or classical coatings. They surprisingly accurately convey the color of wildlife and create a unique atmosphere. As a basis for drawing and designing the texture, the designers of the factory took the original textures of different animal skins such as a tiger, zebra or a leopard.

Fur Wallpapers in the interior

Another original technique is the combination of animal fur imitation with various geometric patterns. The shades of color, pile, rhythm and dynamics created by these unique coatings can transform an already creative interior or bring a laconic and strict modern interior to life.

Touching these wallpaper gives an unforgettable tactile sensation.

Leopard print is often present in collections of famous fashion houses and interior design. It periodically returns to top positions and basically never completely disappears from the picture. To date, this print is once again one of the most trendy.

These wallpapers have a unique charisma and are suitable for courageous, active, always ready for action and decision-making people.

The advantages of these collections: brightness, individuality, the creation of a living and dynamic environment.

Some useful and practical tips for you to use:

  • Used as a background.
    Choose light shades. Emphasize invoices with uniform or directional lighting. Create accents with details of the interior.
  • Combination of colors.
    When creating "soft", cozy interiors, designers use the golden rule: tone-tone-semitone. When using color accents- bright, deep shades should be diluted with light tones.
  • Effective application.
    The collection is most effective in living rooms and living areas. It can convey the rhythm and character of the owners or emphasize their individuality.

In the sleeping areas, the unusual texture of this collection will have a soothing effect and will set for a good sleep.

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