Avenue Mosaic Tile Collection

The Avenue mosaic tile collection from the Australian manufacturer ALLOY – This is a stylish material for the decoration of interior and exterior surfaces with high wear resistance. ALLOY is the first and still the only company to produce a tile from a solid sheet of metal with a thickness of 1.6 mm. This is the tile of choice for leading architects and designers around the world.

The Avenue mosaic tile collection is a high-strength product that doesn't dent, crack or de-laminate. Avenue mosaic tiles don't contain backing mesh, plastic inserts or metal-like coatings.

Design of Avenue mosaic tile collection - an elongated rectangle. Elegant structure that resembles the typical appearance of a flatwoven rug, and will help to give the interior lightness and a special flair.

The range of metal mosaics in this collection is available in 3 colours: gold, copper, and grey, and the following metals: brass, copper, titanium, stainless and unrefined (raw) steel.

The collection of Avenue mosaic tiles is offered in four 4 types of surface finish: brushed, milled, mirror-polished and matte.

Variety of textures - a distinctive feature in the Avenue mosaic collection. The mirror finish of the mosaic tile visually expands a room and gives you further options for your design ideas.

Another material with unique characteristics is unrefined steel (often referred to as raw or crude steel). The main colour is rich, infinitely diverse tones of blue-grey. ALLOY mosaics from raw (untreated) steel are an ideal material for anyone looking for a unique exterior decorative material that progressively changes its appearance. Without a protective coating, under the influence of environmental factors, this product will slowly change over time and acquire a patina. With the solid metal mosaic tile made of raw steel, it's possible to achieve the formation of the unique red-orange patina, characteristic of cor-ten steel.

When installing a metal mosaic, use only the adhesive recommended by the supplier, as well as LATICRETE solutions and sealants. Please pay attention to the installation instructions. More detailed information in PDF or video format can be accessed under SERVICE / Information for download.

Made in Australia: guaranteed high quality.

Custom production: the product will be manufactured to order in the shortest possible time.

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