Non-woven wallpaper

Non woven wallpaper

Non-woven wallpaper is a wall coating on non-woven base, which is absolutely natural non-woven paper-like sheet on cellulose fibres. Such wallpaper are made of non-woven lining paper, also known as paintable non-woven lining paper, which is commonly used as a repairing material for strengthening, reinforcing and smoothing of the walls, and may be the base for pattern printing, performing in such a way not only repairing, but also decorative function. If we talk about decorative non-woven wallpaper, we mean the wallpaper on non-woven base with vinyl or any other coating (cork, metal).

What are the best non-woven wallpaper There are three types of non-woven wallpaper. In order to decide, what type of wallpaper will suit you the best, read the description below

  • Non-woven wallpaper with printed pattern or paintable non-woven lining paper. It is 100% natural breathable material, used for repairing and decorative purposes, resistant to mechanical damages. It may be multiple painted.
  • Non-woven wallpaper base. Non-woven lining paper is used as a base (lower layer), and vinyl, textile, cork or metal foil may be used as a decorative layer (upper layer). Non-woven wallpaper base with polyvinyl chloride coating are the most popular today, as it is marked not only with delicate appearance, but also excellent characteristics of abrasive resistance, moisture resistance and durability.
  • Paintable non-woven wallpaper. Such wallpapers are made on relatively thin non-woven base with discontinuous vinyl structured coating. Due to discontinuous vinyl coating such wallpapers are breathable. Such wallpapers are used first of all to create decorative relief on the wall. Such wallpapers are white and need paining. A variety of relief patterns, and the use of paint makes it possible to experiment for many times. Discontinuous vinyl coating not only provides extraordinary structure to such wall coating, but also enables to create different visual effects and shades, when applying on the prior pained wall, as the paint will be seen through thin structure of non-woven wallpaper.

Non-woven wallpaper –pros and cons

Currently, non-woven wallpaper is well regarded due to a number of apparent advantages:

  • Environmental friendliness. Non-woven lining paper, which the wallpaper is made of, contains 100 % natural materials (cellulose).
  • Good breathability. Due to porous structure, non-woven wallpaper is well-breathable.
  • More durable and time-proof, comparing with paper wallpaper.
  • Easy hanging. The glue should be applied only on the wall, but not on the wallpaper, so the hanging process is quick and easy.
  • Moisture resistance.
  • Opportunity to modify interior for many times, without changing the wallpaper. The structured paintable wallpaper may be painted for many times.
  • Repairing features. Due to dense structure, non-woven wallpaper excellently conceal cosmetic defects on the walls.
  • The use of non-woven wallpaper has a number of advantages, however it is quite hard to find the apparent disadvantages. If truth be told, it’s relatively high price is worth noting.

Wallpaper on non-woven basis, catalogue with prices and photo

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