Versailles wallpaper for wall

Versailles wallpaper is produced by covering the paper or non-woven base with a foamed vinyl layer. Depending on the thickness of such layer, the various wallpapers are characterized with various mechanical strength properties, as well as light and moisture resistance.
Versailles wallpaper is produced by EDEM factory – the modern enterprise, the manufactured articles of which are in compliance with European standards. Therefore, EDEM Versailles wallpaper is notable for high quality and luxury design.

Versailles wallpaper catalogue in home interior

Specifications of all Versailles wallpaper types, produced by EDEM factory, are stated below:


Paper-based Versailles wallpaper. This wallpaper type is marked with a variety of colours and textures.

  • Dimensions: 10.05 × 0.53 m = 5.33 m2.
  • Roll weight: 0.8-1.3 kg.
  • Roll diameter 7-10 cm.
  • Clean, dry, puttied and primer-coated walls are used as a base for application.
  • When removing from walls, the wallpaper is separated: the upper vinyl layer is removed, and the lower paper layer reserves on the wall.

Non-woven Versailles wallpaper is divided into two subtypes: paintable and decorative.


Paintable non-woven Versailles wallpaper

  • Dimensions: 25 × 1.06 m = 26.50 m2.
  • Roll weight: 3.5-4.5 kg.
  • Roll diameter 10.5-17 cm.
  • Clean, dry, puttied, primer-coated or plaster walls are used as a base for application.
  • When using special wallpaper paste, it is dry removed completely.

It has the following advantages:

  • When hanging, the non-woven layer neither loses its shape nor tears, in contrast with the paper base.
  • Due to double width of the wallpaper, the time for wallpaper hanging is reduced twice, as well as the number of joints on the walls.
  • The glue is applied only on the wall, and the wallpaper is hung in dry state. Therefore, it takes less time and less glue to hang the wallpaper.
  • Such wallpaper may be painted for several times.

Non-woven Versailles wallpaper, preliminary painted in the certain colour, may be painted again in any other colour. Such property is typical of the above mentioned paintable wallpaper. Decorative structured non-woven wallpaper may be also painted, if required. It prevails, as it is more thick.


  • Dimensions: 10.05m x 1.06m = 10.65 m2.
  • Roll weight: 1.8-2 kg.
  • Roll diameter 10.5 cm.

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