Stone effect wallpaper

The stone is considered to be one of the most durable, solid and reliable construction materials. Moreover, using the stone, you may create unique and sophisticated design in your room. No wonder, that the use of stone and imitated stone is so popular for home improvement.

Entering the phrase “stone effect wallpaper” in the search box, is quite questionable, and may have at least two meanings:
1. Stone effect wallpaper (stone pattern).
2. The wallpaper which will be well combined with interior elements, made of natural or artificial stone. The detailed information for each option is stated below.

Stone effect wallpaper

Stone effect wallpaper has a number of advantages, comparing with the natural stone:

  • Lower material price.
  • Essentially easier assembling and disassembling process.
  • Wide choice.
  • The wallpaper, unlike the stone, is of the standard thickness, so it is easy to join them to other decoration types.
  • Due to modern technologies, the stone effect wallpaper can be hardly distinguished from the natural stone.

However, selecting the stone effect wallpaper for decoration of your room space, consider that it create quite specific atmosphere, which will be hardly suitable for all rooms.

Let’s consider the nuances of stone effect wallpaper in different rooms:

  • Stone effect wallpaper is commonly used in the lobby and corridor. Such rooms often lack natural lighting, so it’s better to select lighter wallpaper.
  • The atmosphere, created by stone pattern wallpaper, will suit well the kitchen and bathroom. It should be considered that the walls in such rooms are often subject to mechanical damages and moisture effect. In such a case, it’s better to choose vinyl stone effect wallpaper.
  • In the living room or bedroom the stone effect wallpaper is often used as separate inserts.

Stone effect wallpaper combining with decorative stone

If imitation is not to your liking and you want to use stone effect wallpaper combining with decorative or natural stone, be aware of the most common variants of such combining:

  • Horizontal combining. The lower part of the wall is covered with the stone, and the upper – with the wallpaper. This method is commonly used in the corridors and lobbies, where the lower part of the wall is subject to mechanical damages and is effectively protected with stone coating.
  • Horizontal combining. The stones are placed on the wall in form of vertical stripes. Such method visually extends the ceiling height and may be used only in every room.
  • Inserts combining. The stones are glued to the wall zones, which should be highlighted. We mean, around the door, window, picture or any other interior element.

It is important to note, that gluing the stone on wallpaper surface is a great mistake. Paper-based wallpaper will become soggy under the glue and will not be a required base for decorative works. Decorative polyvinyl chloride layer will be also helpless, as it has relief non-absorbent structure, which is unsuitable to be the base. Adhesive glue properties depend much on the property prepared base. The only wall coating, which is ideal to be used as a base for natural or decorative stone items, is paintable non-woven lining paper.

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