Bedroom Wallpaper

Bedroom wallpaper should be chosen with maximum attention, because the bedroom is a room in which people do not just have a rest, but spend a third of their time. Of course you want to fall asleep and wake up in a comfortable environment. Psychologists claim that there is a clear connection between the colour preferences and the soul organization of a person. Also, most psychological tests are based on the choice of geometric shapes and forms, the result of which can tell a lot about your character.

Therefore, the design of wallpaper for the bedroom will certainly affect your mood and state of mind, even if you do not realize this. The content of this page will help you not only choose wallpaper for bedroom, but also answer the question of why you prefer this or that wallpaper.

What wallpaper for bedroom should I select?

When choosing the design of wallpaper for the bedroom, you should first determine the main characteristics, which should pay attention in the first place. These characteristics are the material and colour of wallpaper for the bedroom.


1. Vinyl wallpaper for bedroom on a paper basis. The price of wallpaper for bedroom is an important criterion for many buyers. Vinyl wallpaper on paper basis is more accessible than non-woven. The process of pasting or removing such wallpaper from walls as compared with non-woven fabrics is associated with large time costs, as well as under certain external influences or erroneous operation, there is a risk of their deformation. Due to the vinyl coating, they are no less washable and resistant to ultraviolet rays than non-woven wallpaper.
2. Flizeline wallpaper for bedroom. This is a wallpaper on a natural basis, more expensive than paper. They have certain advantages, including: no need for preparation with wallpaper glue, stability of structure and dimensions, removal from the walls the whole dry sheets, high wear resistance and resistance to washing, cleaning and ultraviolet, most of them are characterized by double width of the roll, which Reduces the number of joints.
3. Wallpapers with metallized film. Trendy variant of design wallpaper for bedroom on a non-woven basis.
4. Cork. A combination of absolutely natural and environmentally friendly materials: non-woven base and cork coating. Excellent choice for restful sleep and authentic design.


It is considered that pastel colours have a calming effect, and bright, screaming colours, such as red, orange, violet, are exciting. In fact, colours are perceived by each person in different ways: so many men so many minds. Therefore, our assortment of wallpaper for the bedroom is represented by the entire colour palette.

Modern wallpaper designs for bedrooms

To emphasize the modern design of wallpaper for the bedroom, you should pay attention to the choice of ornament and pattern. And that the selected bedroom wallpaper design in the interior looked harmonious, you need to consider a number of tips:

  • Small ornament, primarily in light colours, visually increases the dimensions of the room.
  • Large - on the contrary visually reduces.
  • Horizontal stripes on the wallpaper stretch the room and shorten the height of the ceilings.
  • Vertical stripes expand the walls visually and make the ceiling visually higher. In fact, the wider stripes the more effect.
  • Diagonal patterns help to hide unevenness and wall defects.
  • The choice of wallpaper should be dictated not only by taste preferences and the desire to reform the dimensions of the room visually, but also by the already existing style and the existing interior. So, if your bedroom – performed in Art Nouveau style, then the wallpaper with a geometric or abstract pattern will fit perfectly, as well as structural one colour wallpaper or paintable flizeline wallpaper. For a romantic style, wallpaper in oriental style or country style is suitable, with a gentle floral design, flowing lines or nature elements. The rustic style looks great with wallpaper of wood or textiles, as well as with imitation of brickwork. The alternation of stripes and baroque ornaments is an excellent solution for a solid classic interior.

Bedroom wallpaper catalogue

Still can’t choose wallpaper which best fit the bedroom interior? Doubt when choosing wallpaper colours for a bedroom? - Use the wallpaper catalogue of the online store Look at the photos of the wallpaper for bedroom, read the characteristics and recommendations of experts - buy something that will really fit! Please note that in the catalogue, price of wallpapers for bedroom is indicated for one roll.

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