Ulf Moritz

Ulf Moritz moulding from polyurethane

Are you tired of ordinary, banal patterns and standard ornaments? Are you looking for a trendy and original decorative finish? The exclusive collection of Ulf Moritz mouldings for Orac Decor will immerse you in a world of exquisite and elegant forms that turn flat and boring walls into a real work of art.
The world-famous top designer Ulf Moritz needs absolutely no introduction – his has long been a brand name. After Ulf Moritz opened his own design studio in 1970, his clients included Interlübke, Ruckstuhl, Sahco Hesslein and Marburger Tapetenfabrik. In 2003, Ulf Moritz was even named designer of the year by the German magazine Architektur und Wohnen (Architecture and Living).

Not so long ago, Ulf Moritz created for Orac Decor an exclusive collection of skirting boards, cornices with illumination, and multifunctional profiles, which, thanks to their original and exquisite design, quickly gained great popularity in the moulding market.

The collection also includes a unique joint project between designers from Orac Decor and Ulf Moritz, which led to the development of decorative 3D elements. Grace and elegance combined with creativity and luxury, a unique play of light and shadow on dynamically curved elements - all this will make the interior of your room exceptional and unique. Due to the ease of installation, 3D elements are able to radically transform the design of your premises in the shortest possible time.

Another distinguishing feature of the mouldings in the Ulf Moritz collection for Orac Decor is that all its elements are fully combinable. Show creativity and devise your own, unique combinations.

Aesthetic aspects aren't the only advantage of the Ulf Moritz collection of moulding. Products made of the modern high-quality materials duropolymer (DuropolymerⓇ) and polyurethane (PurotouchⓇ) are distinguished by excellent features of shock and moisture resistance, and are further characterized by durability and absolute safety for health.

Online catalogue of Ulf Moritz mouldings from polyurethane

Browsing through our online catalogue will undoubtedly arouse your interest in Ulf Moritz Orac Decor moulding. The online catalogue in our online store Profhome presents various photos of Ulf Moritz moulding for Orac Decor, its prices, descriptions, and technical specifications. Also, the site gives you an opportunity to order a sample of the goods. Once you've paid for the sample and its delivery, you'll receive a piece of the product you're interested in. Then, in the privacy of your own home, you'll be able to see for yourself how your chosen design will fit into your interior space.

In addition, we have a professional customer service team that will answer all your questions and help you purchase Ulf Moritz moulding for Orac Decor quickly and easily. Good luck choosing and enjoy your shopping!