High gloss acrylic

Acrylic panels for interior decoration

WallFace Acrylic panels are the most practical decorative wall coverings. They are notable for their discreet design and functionality. If you are looking for decorative coatings that can stand any test, choose acrylic wall panels.

This kind of panels are characterized by the following features:

  • Operational characteristics. Acrylic wall panels are widely used for furnishing the bathroom and kitchen, as they are resistant to abrasion. A special acrylic layer applied to the decorative side of the panels provides them with durability. Therefore, you should not be afraid of cracks and scratches on the surface of such panels.
  • Ecological compatibility. WallFace Acrylic wall panels are made of absolutely safe and environmentally friendly materials that do not contain PVC.
  • Possibility of drawing. Acrylic surface is an excellent base for applying a pattern with stencil or digital printing.
  • Easy to install. The reverse side of the acrylic panel is equipped with a self-adhesive base. To install the acrylic panel, the first thing to do is to align and clean the pasted surface. After that, you can easily install the wall panel, gradually removing the protective film and gluing the panel to the surface. To avoid blistering, it is recommended to smooth the glued panel with a rubber roller.

Thanks to the advantages mentioned above, WallFace panels with acrylic protective coating have found wide application not only for decoration of walls, but also for decoration of furniture and other interior elements. In addition, the simple and functional design of decorative acrylic panels has become very popular in the commercial sphere, as a decoration material for entertainment venues, offices and exhibitions.

Catalog of acrylic wall panels, their prices and interior photos

In the catalog of the online store Profhome.co.uk you will find photos of acrylic wall panels, the price of products, its description and technical characteristics. If you decide to buy WallFace acrylic wall panels, but cannot figure out the model and color, we advise you to order samples of the products. This is the most reliable way to compare the materials, structure and color of similar articles. See for yourself that the price of acrylic panels is completely in line with their quality.

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