Dado & Panel mouldings

Panel mouldings

Moulding in the form of a Dado or chair rail is a three-dimensional decorative element in the form of a slat or bar, serving the purpose of elegantly decorating and enhancing wall surfaces. Since ancient times, various types of moulding have been used to decorate the interior of buildings. However, in those times, heavy, fragile and short-lived materials (for example, stone, wood or plaster) were used. Orac Decor® mouldings, in contrast, are made from innovative materials such as Duropolymer® or Purotouch®, which are characterized by strength, ease of installation, low weight and resistance to various external influences.

Types of moulding in the interior space

Thanks to a number of exceptional positive characteristics and a variety of designs, the mouldings have quite a wide range of applications and serve numerous decorative and functional purposes:

  • Panel and Dado mouldings perfectly emphasize and allow the stylistic harmony of the interior to be preserved. Narrow and smooth elements are better for rooms decorated in simple and restrained styles, such as for example Minimalism, Modernism or classic designs. Wider mouldings with more extensive ornamentation, in contrast, will complement the Rococo, Empire or Baroque styles well, emphasizing the luxury and opulence of such rooms.
  • Embossed mouldings and Dado rails are widely used for framing paintings, panels, photographs and other objects, drawing attention to them and emphasizing their distinctive design features.
  • With the correct composition of mouldings, you can easily change the visual perception of a room's dimensions. With a horizontal orientation, the mouldings make the walls appear further apart, and the ceiling lower. A vertical arrangement of the mouldings, on the other hand, will have the opposite effect, making the ceiling look higher, and the room smaller.
  • Moulding forms an ideal border for various furnishing materials and areas of the room. For example, it will help you to make a harmonious transition between a tiled kitchen and a wallpapered dining room in an apartment in which the two are combined.
  • Due to the low weight of the elements, decorative mouldings can be used to embellish not only the walls, but also furniture, doors, window frames, household appliances (e.g. refrigerators) and other interior objects.
  • Mouldings and Dado rails have many other uses. Their wide variety will help you to easily implement any design idea. The fact that they're paintable means you can easily change their colour to one which matches your rooms and will make your interior more harmonious and elegant.

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