Ethnic style wallpapers

Ethnic style is one that reflects the distinctive styles of homes in different countries. It’s often not based on modern design, but on more traditional design customs in the respective country. This means that features such as colours, ornaments and textures differ, depending on the country you want to reproduce in your home.

Types of Ethnic style wallpaper

The notion of "Ethnic style wallpaper" is too extensive to be discussed in a general way. So let's highlight the main, most commonly found types of Ethnic style wallpaper:

  • African style wallpaper. The colour scheme is built on contrasts: warm, subdued (milky, sandy, brown) tones, artfully combined with rich shades of crimson, lemon, or orange. African wallpaper is further characterized by images of typical African landscapes and animals (such as tigers, antelopes, giraffes).
  • Scandinavian style wallpaper. In Scandinavian wallpapers, light, slightly-muted shades of blue, green, turquoise, and white are found. To impart brightness and colour to a room, inserts of yellow or terracotta are used, but also small, and widely-spread floral ornaments.
  • Oriental / Asian style wallpaper. This is characterized by a great variety of colourful and bright shades of red, yellow, and orange. We also often see images of Oriental themes, for example characters from Eastern religions or Asian landscapes.
  • Native American style wallpaper. The colour scheme is light and calming, and consists of sandy, green and brown shades. There are widespread imitations of animal skins as well as pictures of the steppes of North America with buffalo, horses, etc.
  • Egyptian style wallpaper. In Egyptian-style wallpapers, yellow, beige or brown flowers with gilt inserts and panels with images of reeds, sphinxes, hawks, Egyptian hieroglyphs, etc. predominate. Ornaments are often geometric and distinct.

Ethno style wallpaper in the interior space

There are many more different types of Ethno style wallpaper than the few listed above, simply because there are so many countries and ethnic groups in the world. But in order to recreate the atmosphere of a certain ethnos in your home, you don't need to design the entire room in a certain style. Sometimes small inserts or panels with a suitable wallpaper are enough to evoke the desired look.

This makes it possible to use several variants of ethnic wallpaper in the same room, creating a very interesting and original decorative solution. It can, however, be overwhelming and you should therefore take care to observe the harmony of the room's main features. For example, a few choice elements of Egyptian or African origin will look good against the background of the Scandinavian style wallpaper. In the Oriental style, in contrast, they'd look alien and ridiculous.

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