Wallpaper trends

Wallpaper trends 2018

Do you want your house or flat to look fashionable and stylish? Redecorate your rooms and cover the walls using wallpaper trends 2018! Having seen them, your guests will be filled with admiration for interior design refinement! This article deals with wallpaper trends, latest wallpaper trends 2018, popular wallpaper trends and colour palette of the latest wallpaper designs.

Latest wallpaper designs for room 2018

To find out what wallpaper trends 2018 are and what latest wallpaper designs will this year bring round, it is worth to listen to designers’ opinion:

  • Vinyl and non-woven wallpapers will remain popular in 2018 as before. Due to high rate of strength, usability, durability and wide range of different design ideas, they are unlikely to lose positions in the coming years.
  • Paintable wallpapers gain greater popularity in 2018. This variant is the best choice for those who like to redesign a flat often.
  • Pastel shades will be at the first place of colour palette for monophonic wallpapers. The most stylish will be peach, light-green, dark-red shades. But as according to the Chinese calendar, 2018 is a year of fiery cock - proud, bright, staring bird, it is quite acceptable to use bright, catchy colours. It is better to use them if necessary to make accent, to emphasize a wall or its part.
  • Designers share one view of choosing ornaments, that the most popular will be small relief floral patterns.
  • Wallpaper trends 2018 will be the most close to the nature. It may be both wallpapers from natural materials (cork, bamboo etc.) and different imitations of natural shades, landscapes, patterns.

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