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Shabby Chic wallpaper

The style referred to by the term “Shabby Chic” is also known as “distressed chic” or “tatty luxury.” As such, wallpapers in Shabby Chic style are an excellent alternative for those who aren’t fond of the glitter and showiness of modern interior design materials, preferring the authentic, subtle beauty and faded luxury of older interiors. The main features of the wallpaper of this style are slightly-muted, soft pastel colours, simple, uncomplicated patterns and of course, a slight patina or signs of “distress”.

Shabby Chic style wallpapers in the interior space

If your aim is to achieve an authentic, vintage or retro(spective) style, we suggest choosing a Shabby Chic wallpaper, and to think carefully about how best to combine it with other decorative items:

  • Against the background of Shabby Chic wallpaper, decorative, genuine vintage items such as antique furniture, clocks, and vases will of course look great, but also more modern reproductions. An excellent addition to the style are antique paintings, pictures, murals or photographs.
  • For curtains and other fabrics we also recommend choosing soft, washed out colours to match the wallpaper.
  • But don't be misled by the effects of artificial aging. Our Shabby Chic wallpapers are made of modern, high-quality materials and have exceptional characteristics. The non-woven base of the wallpaper is a non-absorbent material, so it's advisable to paste the wall and hang the wallpaper itself in a dry form. This property not only speeds up and facilitates the repair process, but also reduces the amount of glue required. In addition, Shabby Chic wallpaper is covered with a layer of vinyl, providing good resistance to fading, moisture and mechanical damage.

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