Lining paper 60 g/sqm

Paintable non-woven lining paper (density 60 g / m2)

Of all the non-woven linings in our catalogue, the paintable non-woven lining paper with a density of 60 g / m2 is the lowest in density, and therefore the most affordable option. This repair material is used to prepare walls and ceilings for the subsequent processing and masking of minor defects. Due to its low density, it can only be used for finishing well-prepared flat and plain surfaces of putty plasterboard or smooth concrete.

Characteristics and features of applying paintable non-woven lining paper with a density of 60 g / m2

The low density does not in any way affect the positive performance characteristics of non-woven lining paper (density 60 g / m2), which are:

  • Security. Certified in accordance with ISO 17050-1, a the repair non-woven lining paper (density of 60 g /m2) is made of high-quality, breathable fibres and is absolutely environmentally friendly and harmless.
  • Post-processing. Depending on your artistic design, the surface of the non-woven lining paper can be pasted with wallpaper, covered with decorative plaster, painted or decorated in any other way.
  • Durability. The repair non-woven lining paper with a density of 60 g / m2 retains its original format both in pasting and with the passage of time. In addition, it can be repainted many times. Also, unlike normal wallpaper, this material withstands sufficiently high tensile stress and is resistant to tearing.
  • Ease of application. As the non-woven lining paper with a density of 60 g / m2 is 1.06 m in width, the adhesive process is faster, and there are fewer joints on the surfaces. A characteristic feature of this sort of non-woven lining paper is the fact that only the surface of the wall needs to be covered with adhesive, and the paper itself is applied in dry form. This facilitates the repair process and helps to reduce the amount of adhesive used.

NOTE: Like any other material, non-woven lining paper has a certain safety margin before tearing. For uneven and poorly-prepared surfaces, we recommend the use of non-woven lining paper with the highest density per square metre. The material with a density of 130-160 g / m2 is the best choice for solving such problems.

Buying non-woven lining paper (density 60 g / m2) from our online store with delivery

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