Stucco wallpaper

Stucco wallpapers are applied when it is impossible to use plaster due to some reasons, and room interior shall be renewed or changed. Thanks to distinctive design and great number of various colours and textures, stucco wallpapers will perfectly suit to interior design of any space.

Stucco wallpapers in the room interior

Thanks to use of the modern manufacturing materials and technologies, appearance of stucco wallpaper is almost undistinguishable from usual plaster but wallpaper use has a range of doubtless advantages:

  • The process of applying decorative plaster effect wallpaper on the walls is much easier and shorter if compared with wall finishing with real plaster.
  • Non-woven plaster effect wallpaper is more long living and better resist light, humidity and mechanical damage effect. Plaster effect wallpaper is much cheaper than the plaster.
  • It would be easier to remove stucco wallpaper than to remove plaster and polish walls.

One of the most popular variants of wallpapers is wallpaper that looks like Venetian plaster. Thanks to distinctive design like marble or granite, wallpaper that looks like Venetian plaster ennoble the room.

Catalogue of plaster effect wallpapers

In order to view photos of plaster effect wallpapers in the room interior, visit electronic catalogue with such services as a sample order by post and consultation of online store employee who will be glad to help you to choose the proper product. Pay attention that price for stucco wallpaper in the catalogue is indicated per a roll.

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