ALLOY CENTURY Mosaic Tiles Collection

The CENTURY collection of the Australian factory- ALLOY is an all-metal mosaic tile stamped with high precision from sheet metal (1.6 mm thick). This is a very stylish, durable, long-lasting material for lining internal and external surfaces. The material is not threatened by deformations such as dents, cracks or peeling.

CENTURY Mosaic tiles collection is represented by five materials: brass, copper, titanium, unrefined steel and stainless steel.

A large number of combinations of colours and textures in various metals gives you the freedom to choose the desired design of the CENTURY metal mosaic.

Another appealing factor of this collection is its affordable price.

CENTURY Mosaic Tile Design Ideas

CENTURY mosaic tiles collection Square Design- a steady, stable structure, it gives every room a sense of harmony and balance and allows you to feel the definition of comfort.

CENTURY mosaic tile collection is represented by three colours: gold, copper, gray and unique shades of gray coloured raw steel. The catalog of the CENTURY mosaic collection includes 4 types of surface decoration: rolled sheet, satin-grind, mirror/polished and matt.

CENTURY all-metal mosaic tiles possess unique features due to technical innovations in metal processing.

Brass has a characteristic feature- the formation of a thin protective green patina under the influence of environmental factors.

For copper, the natural process of oxidation gradually changes the colour of its surface, and the final shade of the patina will depend on the environment.

Titanium, thanks to technical innovations is a material not subject to oxidation and the formation of a natural patina. This allows you to maintain the unique colour and gloss of the surface during its entire lifetime of being in use.

Another surface type with unique characteristics of the CENTURY mosaic collection is unrefined steel (often referred to as raw steel). The type of surface is rolled steel. The main colour is rich, infinitely diverse blue-gray tones.

Mosaic ALLOY from raw (untreated) steel is an ideal material for those who are looking for a unique and appearance transforming outdoor decoration. Without the use of protective coatings, under the influence of environmental factors, this product will slowly change over time and become covered with patina. With the ALLOY all-metal mosaic from raw steel, it is possible to achieve the formation of a unique red-orange patina, characteristic of core steel.

CENTURY mosaic tiles do not contain reinforcing mesh, plastic inserts and metal-like coatings. The shape of the metal tile is squared.

When installing mosaic tiles, use only the glue recommended by the supplier as well as LATICRETE solutions and sealants. Please pay attention to the installation instructions.

Made in Australia: stable quality is guaranteed!

Custom production: the product will be manufactured personally at your request in the shortest possible time.

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