Door & Window frames

Door and window frames

Door and window frames, especially those located outside a building, are heavily exposed to diverse external influences such as mechanical damage, moisture, sunlight, or temperature changes. Accordingly, decorative elements used in such areas should possess not just an attractive and unique design, but also quite outstanding characteristics. This is precisely what makes the Orac Decor® window and door frames special. Made from the innovative materials Duropolymer® and Purotouch®, the Orac Decor® window and door frame elements offer a number of advantages, as summarized below.

Benefits of the Orac Decor® window and door frames

The benefits of using Orac Decor® stucco for framing door and window openings are:

  • Strength. Frames for door and window openings are highly susceptible to various mechanical influences. The shock-resistant property of Orac Decor® stucco helps to protect these areas from damage.
  • Durability. Orac Decor® decorative elements for windows and doors don't crack or deform over time, and withstand conditions of high humidity, sudden temperature changes and other environmental influences.
  • Easy painting. In order for the door and window frames to match the overall colour scheme of your interior, you can easily paint them in any suitable colour.
  • Easy installation. Due to the low weight of the decorative elements, they can be easily installed by one person without any special skills.
  • Resizing. With the help of appropriate tools, which can also be bought in our online store, you can easily cut the door and window decorative framing elements to the right shape and size.

Thus, by purchasing Orac Decor® trim, you not only get repair material that is exquisite and stylish, but also a reliable and durable design for your doors and windows.

Buying frames for doors and windows in our online store

In order to help you make a choice, our online catalogue includes prices, interior photos, descriptions and detailed technical characteristics (weight, size, etc.) of these products. You can also contact us by mail to order samples of the goods.

Our order procedure is fast and simple, so buying frames for windows and doors from our online shop is easy. If you have any questions, please contact us. Our customer support team will help you to make your purchase and, if necessary, organize fast delivery to any country in the world. Enjoy your shopping!