Glass wall panels for interior decoration

In the interior of the premises you can often find decorative elements made of glass. And even if the desire to turn rooms into a glass palace is great, many of the practical considerations are limited to individual accessories: vases, chandeliers, statuettes. The reason for this is the fragility of this fashionable and elegant material. But what about those who decided to decorate the room in the style of art deco or hi-tech, where the use of glass goes far beyond the single decorative elements?

Decorative panels made of Plexiglas will be a unique solution for its stylish design and durable quality. Acrylic wall panels from WallFace glass has a number of unique features that differentiates it from similar products of other manufacturers:

Exclusive design. The glass effect wall panels consist of two layers: a decorative monophonic or patterned base from synthetic leather substrate coated with acrylic glass with varying degrees of abrasion resistance. Due to this original combination, amazing visual effects are achieved.

Resistance to abrasion. As is known, decorative coatings made of plexiglas are much more practical than glass, they do not break and differ in small weight, which greatly simplifies their installation and operation. In our assortment, glass effect wall panels comes along with a thin acrylic coating. We offer decorative panels with a special wear-resistant acrylic coating, which makes them completely resistant to abrasion, and therefore excludes the appearance of scratches on their surface.

In its line, standard panels with Plexiglas coating also have a number of advantages. Although they are prone to abrasion, they can be given an original look by grinding and cleaning with alcohol-containing products, which is unacceptable for wear-resistant panels. In addition, such panels are folded into a roll for easy transportation, while wear-resistant panels are transported exclusively on pallets. And finally, an important factor is the price of WallFace glass effect wall panels. It should be noted that the cost of flexible panels for glass is an order of magnitude lower than wear-resistant ones.

Moisture resistance. Glass effect wall panels with acrylic cover are absolutely moisture resistant. Unlike other manufacturers, we have provided the possibility of installing glass effect wall panels in rooms with high humidity. To line the walls of a premise, not only is the moisture resistance decorative panels themselves important, but also their sealing. Because moisture getting on the seams can lead to the formation of mold and fungus. To avoid these undesirable effects, you can purchase a special filler sealant, as well as connecting profiles for the panels.

Thanks to the above characteristics, panels from WallFace acrylic glass effect wall panels can be attributed to one of the most versatile and functional finishing materials. Restrictions on the use of such panels practically do not exist, this advantage is due to moisture resistance and wear resistance of decorative coatings made of plexiglas. They will serve equally for a long time as wall coverings of residential and commercial premises, bathrooms and swimming pools. Decorative panels with anti-abrasive coating of acrylic glass are ideal for decorating kitchens. As a decoration of kitchen aprons and countertops, the plexiglas marble-like panels will look especially comfortable. And most importantly, you will not need the services of specialists, since all our panels are equipped with a self-adhesive base.

Catalog of wall panels for glass

The catalog presents a large number of photos with glass effect panels. Detailed description of the product, its technical characteristics and interior photos will help you get acquainted with decorative panels. But you will have a true idea of the product after ordering a sample.

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