ORAC Flex mouldings made from polyurethane

Is it possible that you like the exquisite design of the LUXXUS and AXXENT mouldings, but due to the unusual layout of your room with curved surfaces, you can’t use them? The Orac Decor Flex moulding collection was developed especially to solve such dilemmas. Decorative mouldings from this collection have the same characteristics as the standard polyurethane mouldings (resistant to external influences, lightweight, durable, environmentally friendly, etc.), but at the same time they’re perfectly flexible and can adapt to fit any surface.

Flexible polyurethane Orac Flex moulding decoration has a number of benefits:

  • Unlike flexible mouldings from other manufacturers, Orac Flex polyurethane moulding is characterized by longitudinal and lateral flexibility. This means that it bends in three directions, and can therefore be used on concave or convex surfaces, as well as with any arched constructions.
  • The flexible cornices, mouldings and skirting boards, like their inflexible variants, are not only decorative, but also functional finishing materials as they're able to mask wiring, cables or minor wall defects.
  • Different types of Orac Flex mouldings can be distinguished from each other by the "minimum bend radius (Flex)" in the longitudinal and transverse dimensions. Therefore, if your choice falls on a certain article, you should carefully check its technical characteristics, in order to ensure that this particular decorative element can bend to the surface to be furnished.

Catalogue of ORAC Flex moulding from polyurethane

Our online catalogue contains photos of the Orac Flex moulding, prices, descriptions, specifications and reviews from other customers. Unfortunately, we don't provide samples of flexible moulding. If you want to personally see your chosen stucco element, you can order its inflexible counterpart, which is an exact copy of the flexible version in all other ways.
If you have any questions during the selection process, please contact us. Our customer support team will answer all your questions and help you buy Orac Flex moulding. Fast delivery of goods is carried out to anywhere in the world. Good luck choosing and enjoy your shopping!