Plain wallpaper

Apartment repair will always require new design solutions. And these solutions are to be unique. Will plain wallpaper be suitable for exclusive interior of the premises? Is plain wallpaper compatible with creative design ideas? Certainly yes!

Plain wallpaper in the interior

Many believe that plain wallpaper has gone out of fashion and in the interior of the room they look dull and uninteresting. Let me convince you in the opposite! The modern assortment contains such a wide variety of plain wallpaper of various colors and textures that even the most demanding buyer can choose what is suitable for him:

  • Light, plain wallpaper is often used in the interior of small rooms, as it helps visually expand the walls.
  • Using bright plain wallpaper, you can emphasize particular wall or its particular area.
  • Colored plain wallpaper is often used for zoning rooms. For example, to divide the kitchen and dining room in a studio apartment, to separate the work area from the rest area in the bedroom or living room, etc.
  • Due to the versatile design, plain wallpaper can be used in almost any style and any room, whether it is a living room, bedroom, hallway or kitchen.
  • Plain wallpaper in the interior of the room is widely used as a background, because it allows you to shade furniture, curtains, accessories or other interior elements, or in office-type rooms where wallpaper with a pattern is not appropriate.
  • Plain wallpaper without a pattern perfectly contributes to the creation of relaxing atmosphere, comfort, and coziness, since they do not completely disturb the visual perception of the interior.
  • Plain wallpaper with an embossed pattern will give the walls a relief ornament, without violating the color integrity of the interior.

The only drawback of plain wallpaper – is high quality requirements of the pasted surface. On one color surfaces, and especially on light tone surfaces, even the smallest defects or irregularities are very clearly noticeable. If you cannot get rid of defects, use dense plain wallpaper or dark plain wallpaper. To hide the defects structural plain wallpaper will fit best.

Plain wallpaper catalogue

Thanks to favorable navigation system with a great number of various filters and assortings, in the catalogue of online store you will be able always to find easily the required goods. The catalogue also contains a variety of different plain wallpaper photos with detailed description and specifications. Support stuff will answer all questions. Support stuff will give advice as for the color, material and texture. Pay attention that the price of brick textured wallpaper in the catalog is indicated for one roll.

Buy plain wallpaper in the on-line store with delivery

Having selected plain wallpaper, it’s very easy to get them delivered! Ask for help managers of the online store They will help you buy plain wallpaper at the most affordable prices and order delivery. Fast delivery of goods is carried out worldwide. Delivery times can be settled with the manager. Have a great shopping!