Traditional wall panels from apartment and home

Contemporary construction material market offers a vast number of options of walls finishing of any and all styles and trends. In order not to get lost in such variety and choose a good design, which will not be dated with the course of time, use traditional wall panels!

Time-proved classical style will be an excellent solution for interior design of any room and bring a number of undoubted advantages to you:

  • Easy and quick assembling. The back of each traditional wall panel is covered with self-adhesive basis. Prepare clean, even and dry surface, stick on the panel and enjoy unique design of traditional style!
  • Isolating features improvement. Traditional wall panels, especially the panels with soft or leather surface, substantially improve acoustic insulation in the room and help to conserve heat for a longer period of time.
  • Easy cleaning. In order that your panels preserve their representative appearance, you may easily clean them from dirt, using a sponge or cloth.
  • Flexibility and light weight. Be sure, that your order will be delivered in its entirety and good condition. Traditional wall panelsare rolled with their glue surface outside and carefully packed in carton, so they definitely will not be damaged during handling.
  • Easy cutting. Using a common cutter, you may easily shape or make a proper size of the board.

Traditional decorative wall panels in interior

Traditional wall panelscreate a special interior design, which is marked with a number of features:

  • The main specific feature of traditional wall panelsis imitation of such variants of covering as wood, animal skin or stitched leather.
  • Traditional style is marked by accurate symmetric images and classical patterns.
  • The colour palette is characterized with light pastel shades or various tints of black and brown. The compatibility of wall covering colour with other interior elements should be taken into account. The furniture, made of dark wood spices, shows to advantage on light background, and light furniture is excellently shaded by darker traditional wall panels.
  • Another feature of traditional style is luxurious sophisticated design. Such effect is achieved due to imitation of expensive wood spices or rare exotic animal skin.

Buy traditional wall panels in online store with delivery

If the abovementioned advantages have not assured you of necessity to buy traditional wall panels, make use of the service of sample ordering. You may receive a fragment of the item, you are interested in, by mail at token price and assure yourself of its excellent quality and splendid design. In the catalogue of online store you may find the price of traditional wall papers, their detailed description, specifications and feedback of other users. Moreover, in order you may easily select the design and make up your mind, each item is accompanied by various interiorphoto of traditional wall panels .

Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service of online store. Professional advisors will help you to make the right choice and complete a purchase and delivery to any Great Britain city. The order will be home delivered within 3-5 days after the payment. Enjoy your shopping!