Flower wallpaper

Fashion trends of ornament use have been constantly changing, but flower motifs always were and still remain popular. A great many of various variants of flower wallpaper design for walls is represented at the current market. Even the most demanding buyer can choose the variant which will suit only him. Read this article to have better idea of peculiarities of flower print wallpaper design.

Flower print wallpapers in interior

Flower motifs were used as a wallpaper pattern for a long time. We can boast of a variety of flower print wallpaper, that’s why well-informed buyers when choosing such wall coatings pay attention to the minute particulars:

Flower print wallpapers:

Our assortment contains both bright flower wallpapers and light wallpapers with flowers. Flower print wallpapers are an integral part of the Chinese and English style. The Chinese style is determined by wallpapers with red and black flowers, English style — wallpapers with gentle flower ornament of pastel colours: wallpapers with pink flowers, wallpapers with yellow flowers, wallpapers with blue flowers. Recently flower wallpapers of unexpected patterns are fashionable: wallpapers with bright green flowers, wallpapers with green flowers, wallpapers with brown flowers. Monochromic, one-colour wallpapers with flower texture or wallpapers with ton-sur-son flowers will be perfect for lovers of moderate style. Flower print wallpapers is simply a relief design received as a result of embossing similar by colour or doesn’t differing at all from the basic background wallpaper colour.

Pattern size, form and location:

Wallpapers with big flowers visually reduce the room, wallpapers with little flowers make it more spacious. That’s why wallpapers with large flower pattern are preferred to be glued in large rooms, wallpapers with little flower ornament in small ones. If you don’t like uniform spacing of flower pattern on the wallpapers, that is especially peculiar for wallpapers with little flowers, you should think about pattern location on the wallpapers and its thickness: modern flower wallpapers are often characterized with rare, chaotic, asymmetric location of ornament elements.

Choice of wallpapers for walls with flowers for various premises depends solely on taste preferences:

Do you want to put flower wallpapers in the saloon or bedroom? Nothing’s easier! Look closer to your interior and visit our online store. You will surely find suitable wallpapers with flower designs. Do you want to select flower wallpapers for kitchen or bathroom? As easy as ABC! Almost all our Blown vinyls with ornament are super washable.

Flower print wallpapers in the catalogue

Goods catalogue of online store PROFhome.co.uk contains a great number of flower wallpaper photos. Each catalogue item is accompanied with detailed description of goods and its specifications. You can contact our employees from the Customer Services Department any time and they would consult you as to colour and print choice. But you can find no better assistant by choosing wallpapers than their sample! Order a sample of flower wallpapers and it will be sent to you by post as soon as possible. Pay attention that a price of flower wallpapers in the catalogue is indicated per a roll.

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Managers of online store PROFhome.co.uk will help you in buying flower wallpapers for walls. They will render professional assistance in all issues as to purchase execution and order shipping worldwide. Enjoy your shopping