BASIXX mouldings

If you’re looking for decorative elements with an optimal price/performance ratio to furnish your residential or office space, then the Orac Decor BASIXX moulding collection is exactly what you need. First and foremost, the products in the Orac BASIXX collection are intended for buyers who aspire to a fashionable and stylish design with minimal costs.

Made from Durofoam®, the mouldings and cornices in the Orac Decor BASIXX collection have a perfectly smooth surface with clearly defined contours. Such positive features of this innovative material, compared to conventional expanded polystyrene, are achieved due to its fine porous structure. The elegant Orac BASIXX mouldings perfectly fit any style, from classic to modern. The affordable price of the BASIXX collection products doesn't detract from their design and excellent performance:

  • One of the main advantages of Durofoam is its light weight. This feature greatly simplifies the transportation and installation of products.
  • Orac BASIXX mouldings are easily cut. This doesn't require special skills or the use of special tools. Therefore, even a layperson can easily install mouldings from the Orac BASIXX collection.
  • A wide range: A variety of forms and structures allows you to realize any design idea.

All products in the Orac BASIXX collection are absolutely safe, free of toxic substances, and are environmentally friendly.

Online catalogue of BASIXX mouldings from polystyrene

In our online store Profhome, you can view photos of BASIXX mouldings, and find more information on prices, specifications, and descriptions, but also read the reviews from other customers. The most reliable way to assess the quality of a product you like is to order a sample. Our customer support team is happy to answer any questions, help you to place an order and buy the Orac BASIXX mouldings. Delivery of goods is carried out around the world. Enjoy your shopping!