Textured wallpaper

Successful design ideas is not compulsorily realized only by various variants of color combinations and shades. Sometimes for giving more expressiveness to ornaments or drawings of wallpapers, it is simply necessary to have relief, volume elements. In such cases, embossed wallpaper is used.

These wallpapers are often made of two layers of material which with the help of a special press with projections, embossing is applied. Compared to smooth wallpaper, textured wallpaper has several advantages:

  • Due to the relief of their surface, they perfectly hide various defects and unevenness of the walls.
  • During embossing, textured wallpaper is covered with a special substance that increases their moisture-repellent properties.
  • The textured wallpaper has a truly unique design, which is achieved by playing light and shadow on the volume elements.

Types of Textured Wallpaper Material

Below are the types of materials that are used to make textured wallpapers and their main characteristics:

  • Embossed paper: Paper, because of its cheapness, is the most commonly used kind of material. But it has a number of disadvantages, such as high exposure to moisture, ultraviolet light, and mechanical damage.
  • Embossed non-woven fabric: More expensive option than paper wallpaper, but it has better indicators of strength and moisture resistance.

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