Wide width wallpaper 3.47 ft

Wide width wallpaper refers to wallpaper with roll width 3.47ft. This article deals with the reasons of popularity of such wallpaper and specific features of its hanging and use. People, starting home improvement, may face the question: “How long is a roll of wide width wallpaper?” Wide width wallpaper 3.47 ft is produced in rolls 32.8 and 82 ft long. So the roll square makes up 107.64 and 279.86 sq ft correspondingly. The exact square is always stated in product info for the certain type.

What’s the difference between wallpaper XXL and standard wallpaper?

The standard wallpaper roll width makes up 1.74 ft, and wallpaper XXL roll width makes up 3.47 ft. Owing to this difference, double-width wallpaper has a number of advantages:

  • Half the joints on the walls, comparing with standard wallpaper. Double-width wallpaper has been actually created for this purpose.
  • Easier hanging. It takes twice less time and efforts to hang double-width wallpaper, comparing with standard width wallpaper.
  • Decrease in prices. In general, a square metre of wide width wallpaper 3.47 ft is cheaper, than standard wallpaper 1.74 ft.

However, it should be borne in mind that except for catches, the use of double-width wallpaper has a number of peculiarities, which should be also considered:

  • The surface should be prepared more thoroughly. Double-width wallpaper should not be hung on rough walls, as even minor inaccuracy may lead to quite critical opening or overlapping between bars due to wide wallpaper width.
  • It’s more convenient to hang wide width wallpaper two together. It is quite hard physically for one person to cope with hanging double-width wallpaper. Two people will easily hang wide width wallpaper 3.47 ft, and starting from the middle part, will quickly smooth their halves. However, this condition is not essential.
  • Before hanging, it is necessary to estimate an exact number of rolls, required for your room space. As the phrase goes: score twice before you cut once. Special attention should be paid to hanging wallpaper on the last part of the wall. If its width is less than 3.47 ft, you have to use a blade to preserve harmonic design and get required width. Such piece should be hung in some hidden place (in the corner or behind the furniture).

Double-width wallpaper catalogue, photos with description and product info

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