Contemporary wallpaper

Art Nouveau which came into existence at the end of 19th century, sometimes is being also called as “modern” or “contemporary”. However, in fact, it has got nothing to do with the current fashion trends. Art Nouveau could be said to be the first 20th century modern style. It got its name for being creatively different, very new and very distinctive from all the other styles that existed earlier. In this article we shall define contemporary wallpaper style and show you the difference between contemporary or modern style and Art Nouveau.

The main difference between contemporary wallpaper and Art Nouveau wallpaper

Contemporary wallpaper designs. Patterns of the modern wallpaper are determined by those fashion trends which exist at a particular point in time. As you might be aware, fashion is not always necessarily something completely new and, therefore, a sudden appeal to some long forgotten ornamental decisions today and using them in creating contemporary wallpaper can well be justified. Moreover, some creative designer decisions can influence and even define the fashion trends. Among these, for example, can be abstract and futuristic patterns or even new interpretations of classic patterns. Be fashion conscious if you want to know what patterns can be found on contemporary wallpaper.

Art Nouveau, on the other hand, took its inspiration from what it saw around it and from the natural world in particular. Hence, the presence of floral motives in Art Nouveau interior design. Wallpaper with natural and floral patterns will be a perfect choice for decorating your home in Art Nouveau style.

Contemporary wallpaper colour range. Today’s fashion is full of rich deep shades of light blue and dark blue, green and mustard, red and purple. Art Nouveau is, in contrast, dominated by soft pastel shades.

Contemporary wallpaper material. Art Nouveau interior design would normally employ expensive good-quality materials, such as natural wood or marble. That is why good quality thick and textured materials are used in order to imitate such surfaces, whereas modern trendy wallpaper first of all has to be eco-friendly and innovative.

Trendy wallpaper in modern interior design

Contemporary wallpaper will be appropriate for any room decorated in contemporary style. New technologies are now able to create wallpaper with inimitable visual effects, bring to life any designer decision, imitate any natural surface, while letting the wallpaper combine both elegance and durability!

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