3D wallpaper

3D wallpaper for walls

3D wallpaper for walls is a type of wallpaper, containing 3D volume elements. It is used to create a unique and inimitable design, which cannot be achieved by combining different variants of colours and patterns. Read information below about the styles, specific features and visual effects of this type of wallpaper.

Comparing with common plain wallpaper, 3d wallpapers are marked with a number of apparent advantages.

  • Due to volume elements, they conceal well cosmetic defects of the walls.
  • Uneven rough surface of 3d wallpapers for walls is more pleasant for touching, comparing with the surface of plain wallpapers. That’s why 3d wallpapers are often used in children’s rooms.
  • 3d pattern wallpaper helps better than any other type of wallpaper to extend visually the room space and make it larger.
  • Due to inimitable tricks of the light and shades on 3d elements, 3d wallpaper has unique appearance.
  • The width of some 3d wallpaper types is two times larger than in the standard rolls, which quickens the process of their hanging and reduces the number of joints on the walls.

3D wallpaper types for home wall

There are the following 3d wallpaper types:

  • Standard. The wallpaper with various geometric, floral, abstract, etc. patterns with 3d effect.
  • Single. It is produced as a fragment of particular size, containing some picture, image or pattern. It is used in home interior as separate inserts.
  • Panoramic. Being an integral linen with the length of several metres, such wallpaper may be used to be hung on the whole wall at once.
  • Fluorescent. It looks like common wallpaper at day time, however at night or in low light it radiates with gentle glow.
  • 3d stereo wallpaper. It contains the images or elements with the full presence effect.

3d wallpaper catalogue with photos and prices

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