Romantic style wallpaper

The words “romance” and “romantic” will trigger different feeling in different people – young love, a walk in the park, an interesting trip – the associations will differ, but they are all equally cheerful and pleasant. An interior decorated with delicate romantic wallpaper will also create an atmosphere of tranquillity, joy, comfort and homely home.

Cute romantic wallpapers in interior design

Romantic style wallpapers are also sometimes called “delicate or cute wallpaper”. Romanticism is not something that is typical for everyone. This is the view of life featured by daydreaming and sentimentalism, by tendency to idealise. Such state of mind is more often found with the weaker sex. Romantic style can be met today in interior design of rooms that belong to young women and couples in love. Wallpapers of soft shades often attract their attention.

Let us have a look at the main features of romantic wallpaper:

  • Colour pallet is dominated here by pastel colours, which does not, however, mean that the bright colours are excluded. Among the most popular ones are grey, lilac, pink, peach and cream. Wallpapers of soft tints can easily be combined with various typical for this style accessories, such as silver candelabra and glass-shades.
  • Ornaments are never catchy. They normally contain soft lines and floral prints.
  • Romantic style is characterised by the absence of contrasts and sharp transitions. When mixed and matched the wallpapers should come from the same colour pallet.
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