Cornice mouldings

Polyurethane Cornice moulding

Decorative mouldings – is a protruding element of interior decoration that separates the horizontal plane of the ceiling or roof from the vertical plane of the wall. This section provides an opportunity to get acquainted with variants of using polyurethane cornice mouldings for rooms and exterior finishes.

Kinds of Polyurethane Cornice mouldings

In the catalogue online market there is a very wide range of curtain mouldings for rooms and other premises, offering design solutions for rapid and not expansive interior design:

  • Installation of decorative mouldings. Ceiling curtain mouldings are also called corner curtain mouldings, as they hide the right angle between the wall and the ceiling. Sometimes this is just a matter of aesthetics, and sometimes even a necessity to hide the defects in joints. So ceiling mouldings are not only decorative, but also functional elements of stucco moulding. Due to the size of the gap between the wall and the ceiling, which depends on the shape and width of the ceiling polyurethane mouldings, you can hide the electrical wiring. In addition, there are special decorative ceiling mouldings for exterior decoration, as well as ceiling corner mouldings for concealed lighting. Another purpose of ceiling moulding is to hide curtain-rods, achieving aesthetic integrity of the room, as the ceiling mouldings are located around the perimeter of the room.
  • Flexible ceiling mouldings. Corner mouldings made of polyurethane can be used for finishing convex and concave surfaces; it is enough to buy Orac Decor Flex ceiling decorative mouldings. When choosing flexible ceiling mouldings, you need to pay attention radius of their flexibility.
  • Design of ceiling curtain-mouldings. The range of mouldings design is very wide. Here we can mention the division of products into smooth mouldings and relief mouldings. Relief ceiling mouldings have a pronounced decorative structure, while the eaves can vary from restrained geometric to floral baroque. Also, ceiling mouldings are often called ceiling rods, but not all ceiling mouldings have an angular shape. Some prefer not to hide the angle between the ceiling and the wall, and frame only the perimeter of the room, placing not a corner, but a flat ceiling skirting on the plane of the ceiling or wall. For both functional and aesthetic use of mouldings, it is important to divide them into wide ceiling mouldings and narrow ones. The price of mouldings also depends on characteristic features.

Cornice Mouldings in the interior

The choice of ceiling mouldings depends on a number of different factors. It should be noted that the use of ceiling mouldings can have certain specificity, depending on the kind of room in which they are installed.

When choosing bedroom or living room and hall ceiling mouldings, you should pay attention to their functionality, for example, the possibility to use them as profiles for indirect lighting or hiding wiring.

  • Before buying mouldings for bathroom or kitchen, first of all pay attention to the material it is made of. The most important indicators for such mouldings are their moisture resistance.
  • Mouldings for facades and exterior finishes should be additionally covered with a special protective paint, which provides the possibility of their external application.

It should be noted that our ceiling mouldings do not need corner elements, plugs and joints, they are glued edge-to-edge, as a rule at an angle of 45 °, and this mouldings are cut at the required angle with a special miter box.

Buy Polyurethane Cornice mouldings in the PROFhome online market with shipping

Before placing the order, we advise you to look at the drawings and photo of mouldings in the interior of the room, where their dimensions are accurately indicated and examples of their application and installation are given. In addition, the site has the opportunity to order a sample of the product you are interested in by mail. This service is especially important for those who are chooses relief structures and want to choose the pattern of the moulding.

Buying mouldings Orac Decor in our online store is easy. Simply add the products you are interested in to the shopping cart, and click on the "Place an order" button. After providing the necessary data, choosing payment method and confirming the order, you will receive a confirmation note on e-mail address specified by you. If you have difficulties with placing an order, please contact our consultants. The order can be sent to any city in the UK and delivered directly to your home during minimum of 3-5 working days from the date of payment. Enjoy your shopping!