Tone on tone wallpaper

The name tone on tone wallpaper (derives from French Ton-sur-ton) means that the colours of ornaments and patterns are very close to the background colour. The accent on ornamental elements is achieved without sharp, contrasting colour transitions. Often, tone on tone wallpaper contains floral patterns, so you can easily use them to decorate any room in your home.

Tone on tone wallpaper colour in the interior

Scientists have already proved that every colour in the interior creates a certain effect and has a certain influence on men. For example, light colour wallpaper visually expands the room and allow you to feel free. On the other hand, dark-coloured wallpaper, makes the room smaller, thus cozier, but sometimes creates a feeling of pressure. Here is a list of the main wallpaper tones with their brief characteristics and recommendations:

  • White tone on tone wallpaper — makes the room neat, perfectly combined with all other colours and can be used in any quantity without overloading the interior.
  • White tone on tone wallpaper is associated with energy, expressiveness, sometimes aggression. Such wallpaper is better to use in the form of separate inserts, to highlight some elements of the interior, as intense use of red colour can be tiring.
  • Green tone on tone wallpaper — is relaxing. They could be used in any quantity and in any places, as they do not tire at all and do not cause tension.
  • Black tone on tone wallpaper makes the interior design austere and elegant. Black fits well to any other colours, but it’s important to use it moderately not to make the room gloomy and dark.
  • Navy and blue tone on tone wallpaper creates a feeling of coolness and freshness. Such wallpaper is better to use in small, warm rooms.
  • Grey tone on tone wallpaper. May look a bit boring, but the main advantage of grey colour is that it is neutral and does not attract attention. Thus, grey tone on tone wallpapers are often used as a background on the basis of which it is good to emphasize elements of the interior.
  • Yellow and orange tone on tone wallpaper is associated with fun and cheerfulness. The warm colour wallpaper looks great in bright, spacious, well-lit rooms.
  • Lilac tone on tone wallpaper creates the atmosphere of lightness, airiness.
  • Brown tone on tone wallpaper makes premises look solid and are often used in studies and offices.

Tone on tone wallpaper catalogue with photos

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