Wall panels with Exotic Animal Print

Wall panels with an exotic animal print are widely used in interior design. To be more specific, we’re generally talking about such popular styles as art deco, colonial, and ethno. Since the use of natural materials, as a rule, is an expensive pleasure, it’s often necessary to look for alternatives. And, if you choose the right design and use the correct materials, it can be done very convincingly. Make no mistake: such high-quality imitation is not a cheap forgery, but can be a gem, a masterpiece. This is how we describe our WallFace wall panels with exotic animal prints.

Our assortment of wall panels with exotic animal prints is diverse, so, to help distinguish them, we have divided our collection into three stylistic categories:

Wall panels in the ethno style

As you are probably aware, this style has a historical rather than a geographical base - in each country it has its own characteristics. Having said that, ethno is often identified with the African style, which is primarily characterized by decorative elements from the bones or skin of exotic animals. If you wish to decorate your interior in the ethno style, our decorative WallFace wall panels offer a most elegant alternative - with imitations of ostrich skin, or the skin from reptiles such as crocodiles or iguanas. Visually and haptically, by touch, it's almost impossible to distinguish these imitations from the original. Moreover, they're ecologically-friendly, since the materials from which they are made don't contain PVC or other harmful substances.

Wall panels in the colonial style

Interior decoration in the colonial style is unthinkable without the use of a variety of textiles, among which fur is by no means the least important. We can help you to create your own rooms in this style, and would like to draw your attention to our WallFace fur effect wall panels. Visually and haptically, they are in no way inferior to natural fur. If you are a defender of nature and, at the same time, not indifferent to the luxurious effect created by such an exotic material, our self-adhesive wall panels with fur effect are exactly what you need.

Wall panels in the art deco style

Synthetic art deco style is a combination of several styles and is characterized by a combination of modern decorative elements as well as variations on historical themes. An interesting feature of this style in the interior is the use of multi-coloured glass. We've managed to combine all of the above characteristics in one product, creating self-adhesive panels with a decorative surface, such as panels made of acrylic glass with imitation iguana skin.