Multifunctional profiles

Orac Decor® multifunctional profiles will help you to expand your understanding of the adaptability of the moulding. The same decorative element can be used instead of cornices or skirting, but also to frame windows and doors, or to decorate furniture and for many other purposes. The options and combinations are unlimited, enabling the implementation of virtually any design solution.

Advantages of multifunctional profiles

The simple and concise design of these multifunctional profiles will help you emphasize the individuality of your decorating style. Moreover, multifunctional profiles can be used to divide a room into separate spaces, change the visual perception of the size of a room, and draw the eye towards a particular section of a wall, such as a panel or a picture.

In addition to decorative purposes, Orac Decor® multifunctional profiles also have many practical advantages:

Made from the innovative high-quality materials Duropolymer® or Purotouch®, these multifunctional profiles are resistant to moisture, ultraviolet rays, temperature extremes and mechanical damage.

The low weight of the decorative elements not only greatly simplifies the installation process, but also makes it possible to use multifunctional profiles for the furnishing of various non-load-bearing surfaces, such as doors or furniture.

In order for the moulding element to better harmonize with the overall design of your room, it can easily be painted in any desired shade.

With the help of a miter box and saw, which you can also buy from our online store, you can easily give our multifunctional profiles the required shape and size.

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