Wallpaper combinations

Wallpaper combinations

Integration of wallpapers- a combination of wallpaper of different colors, materials and textures within the same room. This combination allows you to significantly diversify the design of the room and add a note of freshness and originality. Do you want to use this technique when renovating your apartment, but do not know what to look for first? Read the material in this article and easily select a combination wall wallpaper that will meet all your requirements!

Wallpaper combination ideas for an apartment

Below is a set of recommendations and rules on how to properly combine wallpaper in an apartment in order to achieve the desired result and create a unique and distinct design:

  • Combining wallpaper from various materials (for example, paper and vinyl) can be very difficult. Think about this issue in advance!
  • On one wall it is better to combine wallpaper of the same thickness, density and, preferably, from one manufacturer.
  • When combining wallpaper of two or more ornaments, it is better to use a ready, designer collection. Otherwise, you can get confused and slide into vicious taste.
  • Pay attention to the width of the canvas so that it fits perfectly into the dimensions of the room.
  • Focus your attention on the wall with the wallpaper, make sure that it is flat and has no defects.
  • The combination of wallpaper of two colors is best done in the following way: wallpaper with bright, saturated colors combine with neutral shades.

Before making the final decision and proceeding to pasting, in the online store Profhome.co.uk you can order samples of combined wallpapers in order to ensure that in a home setting under natural light make sure that they really fit well and fit into the overall design of the room.

Wallpaper color combination for a room

Each color has a certain influence on the emotional state of a person. Green helps to relax, red causes activity, blue creates a sense of coolness, etc. A more interesting result can be achieved by combining wallpaper of several colors:

  • By highlighting one of the walls with a more saturated and bright color, you can divert attention from defects and flaws in other parts of the room.
  • The room can be divided into several zones, using for each of them a special color or shade..
  • With the help of a combination of wallpaper colors, you can focus on any element of the interior (fireplace, shelf, picture, etc.)..

Combined wallpaper design in an apartment

Before embarking on bold creative experiments, familiarize yourself with the traditional, most frequently used variants of combining wallpaper in an apartment:

  • 1. Horizontal combination. Often uses pre-designed ready-made collections with an additional decor in the form of a curb strip. But if you still decide to create a design for the combined wallpaper yourself, please note that at the lower part is recommended to make it monophonic and darker, and the upper one should be lighter with different patterns.
  • 2. Vertical combination. It is recommended to combine wallpaper of two colors or wallpaper with ornaments. To hide joints and seams, drawings with smooth transitions are good.
  • 3. Inserts from the wallpaper. Add diversity and uniqueness to single-tone rooms. Often, the inserts are framed with decorative tape or frame.
  • 4. Isolation of individual elements of the wall. If the room has niches, ledges or beams, they are recommended to cover with a combination of wallpaper, contrasting with the rest of the interior.

Buy combined wallpaper in the online store with delivery

To better determine the way colors and ornaments are combined, use the combined wallpaper catalog of the online store profhome.co.uk in each product menu of this catalog there is an item "Combined with", where you can see which wallpapers the product you choose best be combined with. After reviewing the photo of the combined wallpaper and consulting with professional site managers, you can buy combined wallpapers at an affordable price. Fast delivery of goods is carried out all over the world. Delivery times can be checked with the manager. Please note that the price of the combined wallpaper in the catalog is indicated for one roll. Enjoy your shopping!